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League of Legends (LoL) Question: RUNES REFORGED!!!

Posted in Runes | Tags: Ashe Caitlyn Jinx Kog'Maw Quinn Sivir Varus Vayne 9,847

  • Chreestiaan


    Any rune recommendations for ADCs for this new season? Thanks in advance!
  • Answers (5)

    The legendary hi (1) | November 13, 2017 10:07pm
    Depending on of you are A busrst OR An atackspeed adc. You take press the atack on Burst adc's like xayah and lucian. And you taken lethal tempo on Champs like kogmaw and Twitch. Only in a few situations you should take fleet footwork like in a vayne VS caitlin machupp
    Chreestiaan | November 20, 2017 4:07am
    Thank you for this one! :)
    The legendary hi (1) | November 13, 2017 10:10pm
    And jhin and miss Fortune should take sunmon aery. Some jhins also take arcane commet because of bus long range
    The legendary hi (1) | November 13, 2017 10:08pm
    Sorry for the weird english
    Re4XN (59) | November 13, 2017 5:35pm
    You can check some of MobaFire's guides (as every ADC is different), I am pretty sure most of the ADCs have had their runes updated.
    Chreestiaan | November 20, 2017 4:09am
    will sure do. Thank you!
    moon827 (14) | November 16, 2017 8:20am
    It really depends on the ADC. Most ADCs will take precision. I have personally found that Press the Attack works well on champs Sivir and Ezreal (thank god ezreal is an adc again), and you would take Lethal Tempo on champs like Tristana or Kog'Maw.

    hope this helps,

    Chreestiaan | November 20, 2017 4:08am
    Thanks for this detailed response, moon! :D
    circubed (4) | November 13, 2017 9:13pm
    Most ADC's use runes in the precision tree, but there are some exceptions as well (Jhin)
    Chreestiaan | November 20, 2017 4:09am
    It's fun to play around these runes and find which of these are most effective on your best picks. Thanks buddy!
    Mozume (5) | November 30, 2017 12:21pm
    As people have noted, most ADCs benefit a lot from the Precision tree. I've been trying Domination ( Electrocute) on Tristana with Precision secondary lately and that's helped me a lot with her burst damage. It's also a lot of fun to take Sudden Impact. (But that's specific to Tristana).

    It also lets me light up the map with Zombie Wards ;) because support vision instincts never die.
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