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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Support Main, looking to improve.

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  • Orange NA

    Support Main, looking to improve.

    So I am a support main. I don't know what to do when my ad is lacking skill. I hit most of my skill shots, but if my adc goes negative on the scoreboard I am the one that gets blamed. Give me all the tips you have
  • Answers (2)

    PsiGuard (1495) | July 13, 2017 6:35pm
    Disclaimer: I'm not a support main. I find it easier to climb in other roles. However, support mains can still climb, so don't lose hope!

    Here are my tips:

    1. You are the support for the whole team, not just your ADC. Even if you lose lane you can win games by playing your champion and role well. If your ADC is super weak, let them farm alone once your tower is down and go help your other teammates. There's usually at least one teammate strong enough to make plays off of.

    2. Blame doesn't matter, just focus on minimizing your mistakes and capitalizing on your opponents as much as possible. Mute people that flame you. Very few people use the chat for constructive purposes and there's virtually no overlap between those people and people that use it to flame. Just mute.

    3. Looks like you're in silver and you like playmaking supports. One option is to try a carry support like Brand, Zyra or Vel'Koz (I recommend Brand) and see if you can more easily carry since AP supports have more agency and deal more damage. If you wanna stick with playmakers like Thresh, Nautilus and Blitzcrank, pick your favorite two and practice them a lot. Make sure you get a lot of experience on your champions so you'll know what they're capable of.

    4. Even ****py early game ADCs can usually be helpful once they get their items, so don't give up after a bad early game. If your teammates are so incompetent that you just can't get them to the Victory screen, remember that it's only one game among many and you'll have many more games where your teammates don't suck as much or your enemies will play even worse.

    Hope that helps!
    PsiGuard (1495) | July 16, 2017 12:29am
    Janna/Lulu/Nami can be great but I'm a bit skeptical that they'd be effective in bronze. You kinda need someone competent to peel for. Maybe with a duo partner?
    Ekfant | November 23, 2019 8:41am
    i climbed from bronze with Nami, she is cerry effective, i did without duo partner
    Jovy (953) | July 15, 2017 6:53am
    I am a support main and these are all good general tips, though it's hard to give advice when we don't know which problems you're having specifically.

    About #3, I think Thresh in particular is pretty good in SoloQ because of his Q (which can make or break a game potentially in temafights) and W (which can save allies if they do something stupid) but I'd recommend looking into utility supports like Janna, Lulu and Nami since I think they're the strongest for carrying lanes and games.
    BlitzWillReturnHarambe | July 19, 2017 7:49am
    I have been a support main since I began playing, in 2013. At first it was to learn the ropes, and then it was because I noticed a lot of supps are lax/incompetent/only want to carry.

    I agree strongly with PsiGuard. I carried myself out of Bronze and Silver with Blitzcrank, primarily. The main thing to consider about all of what PsiGuard said, is if your ADC is absolutely useless (which seems to be the case a lot, as those who cannot do, support, and those who cannot support, ADC badly) is to make sure to keep other lanes fed. That's why I love playmaker supports as he suggests such as Blitz. Where you can scoop some unsuspecting squishy and get somebody who will utilize your skill fed and they can carry.

    I think, when you Q up by yourself, regardless of flex or solo/duo, people inadvertently look to you as the shot-caller. Every lane is very consumed with their 1v1 or farming, that they get tunnel vision. Ping, and get good with your Alt+Click on enemies Summs to let teammates know what's going on.

    Let's say Kha'Zix ganks, and you get a double. Minions aren't quite pushed. Tell that slimy jungle bug to help you with Dragon, instead of trying push your lane. Sure you may not get the tower first blood, but maybe it's your second mountain dragon so Tryndamere can push towers like it's nothing top lane.

    Another big thing for me, is to try and find an ADC you have good synergy with. There's essentially two types. Aggressive and passive ADCs. Learn how to play with either. Passive will expect you to do all the leg work, set them so they can run a quick combo and get a kill without much effort - and if you're in trouble, they'll leave you to die.

    Aggressive ADCs will basically do what they can to continuously poke down enemies, assume you're useless, and always try and get the kill. These are my personal favorite. They are also a great learning experience.

    If you have an aggressive ADC, you can really learn when and when not to sacrifice yourself for the ADC to get kills. Morgana and Braum are great examples of this. If you jump in with Braum, they'll try and kill you fast so that you can't stun them, but as long as you land stacks on them, try and nuke the ADC, your ADC can theoretically AA them both to death and get a double, regardless if you die(ideally you'll die to the ADC). Rinse and repeat. Same goes for Morg and her ult.
    BlitzWillReturnHarambe | July 19, 2017 7:52am
    Forgot to mention, fill the gaps with what your team needs. If you have a tahm top and Gragas jungle, then it's not imperative you play a tank. Learn the ADC/Support counter supports. If I have a tanky team, I usually like to play Brand or Nami. If I don't, I like Braum, Leona, or even Tahm sometimes.
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