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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Urgot and usage

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  • GreatJons

    Urgot and usage

    Would Urgot be a good pick on a teamfight team composition because of his ult? I mean, he should be tanky enough to put his life in risk to kill one of the carries on other team?
  • Answers (2)

    HiFromBuddha (82) | December 19, 2014 1:04am
    So, I'm someone who believes you can win with anyone if you're good with him.

    I say that for everyone except Urgot.

    First of all, no, Urgot would probably not be the best option for a teamfight composition, or your team in general. If you do really want to fit Urgot somewhere though, then your best bet would definitely be in a pick comp, as the suppression attached to Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser is actually really strong for making picks.

    The ult would actually be a very bad option for a teamfight comp as you are the team's ADC. The last thing you want in a teamfight is your main source of DPS (it's as if I'm implying Urgot has DPS that matters) to be in the middle of the enemy team.

    Don't get me wrong, Urgot does have a niche of being a strong early game bully, but he scales into my diahorrea late game, and cannot hope to keep up with the DPS of any other ADC out there. Even top lane Urgot is a subpar pick compared to other great teamfighters in top lane, inclduing Maokai and Gnar.

    So, no, Urgot would not be good for a teamfight comp. If you are looking for an ADC that is exceptionally good in a teamfight comp, then something like Graves or Jinx or possibly Varus will fill that job. Really, any ADC that pumps out a good amount of DPS can function well in a teamfight comp.

    Just not Urgot. Urgot really doesn't fit into any team due to how subpar he is.
    theyouiporit (33) | December 19, 2014 7:03pm
    You can't actually think that Urgot is a meta champion. The lane for him will always be top, his ult is for catching off-guard carries, and his poke is natural. Now, seriously talking, he aint going to chance things in a teamfight.
    HiFromBuddha (82) | December 19, 2014 5:29am
    Pretty much. Urgot is just really bad right now. I just want to post this here because I found it hilarious. 3000+ Urgot games and he's Silver IV. I believe in him though.

    Anyway, here's some alternatives to better champions in every lane to do Urgot's job as a lane bully better.

    ADC: Draven, Lucian, Corki, Caitlyn.
    TOP: Quinn, Nidalee, Gnar, Jayce.
    MID: Funnily enough, there aren't any real AD lane bullies down mid besides throwing an ADC into mid lane. I guess the other one is Jayce. IS THIS WHERE THE URGOD SHINES?!

    Also, failed to mention, Urgot's mana costs early game are absolutely atrocious. He's a lane bully, but can't actually bully the enemy for more than about four locked on Acid Hunters. Great.
    Meiyjhe (538) | December 19, 2014 1:42am
    If you play Urgot, I wouldn't play him as ADC tho. Probably as midlane or toplane where you can also buy some tanky ****.

    Urgot is more of a duel champ I think, because pretty much his whole kit weakens a single enemy while getting stronger himself. Even in the lategame he can duel pretty decent thanks to muramana and his passive.

    He is indeed outclassed by pretty much any champ in any role tho. If rito found a way to let Q scale harder into late game, replace his ult with something that actually fits his kit and/or give him some more tankiness, then he would actually be worth picking :3
    crashstash5 (2) | December 22, 2014 12:55pm
    Urgot if played tank can REALLY disrupt the other team in a fight by COMPLETELY screwing somebody over with his ult. But if you plan on playing him as an ADC you want to sit back and wait to land an E and catch somebody out with his heavy slows and high DPS.
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