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PsiGuard's League of Legends Tier List

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PsiGuard's Jungle Tier List Patch 8.12

PsiGuard's Tier List PsiGuard's Tier List
Last updated on June 21, 2018
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This is a jungle tier list for solo queue aimed roughly at platinum level. Based mostly on stats as well as my opinions. Keep in mind that if you main a champion, even if it's in a lower tier, it's still worth playing something you're experienced on rather than a "strong" pick that you're not experienced on. Whatever you decide, make sure you practice your picks!

If a champion does not appear on this list, I either consider them to be a poor jungler or haven't had enough experience with them in recent patches to accurately judge their viability. You can make most champions work in the jungle, but I'll be sticking to the stronger, more common picks.


Popular. Easy. Strong. I recommend banning these champions if you aren't going to play them, unless you have a higher priority ban in mind.



These champions are strong and reliable picks, but not as highly contested or dominant as Tier 1 picks.



These champions may be more situational or more challenging to play than the above tiers, but they can work if you learn them thoroughly.



These are viable junglers but are outshined by the above picks. If you don't like any of the stronger picks or you're just really in love with one of these champions, it's okay to play them. Your climb might be a little more difficult but it's doable.