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12 Feb
Game 5:

Everyone had faster computer than I expected, so it loaded before I was able to get my screen pasted into Paint. So for that, I apologize.

We didn't have a jungler, but the enemy team did. So we had two duo lanes, which always makes for a good laning phase. However, once the team fights started, we were a little behind in farm and levels. We got the first Baron, losing it quickly in a teamfight after. They got the second, which they used to push all the way to our Nexus Turrets on mid. They...
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11 Jan

In the pre-game chat, we were ***inged roles by one of the fellows on our team. He selected Udyr to jungle, directed two other fellows to select bottom lane champions (a Soraka and Xin Zhao), someone to solo top (the Tryndamere), and asked me to mid (I picked Annie for the burst, and stun combination). Well I locked in, happy with the team, as did the Tryndamere.

The Udyr who had just assembled a relatively well balanced team out of 5 random dudes lost his mind, and changed to Talon before locking in. I was...
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07 Jan

Views: 1696 Solo Queue (Normal): Game 3

I would not be tricked into support Yorick three times in a row! I managed to get top for the first time, against a Garen. I was excited, because about a week ago I owned a Garen in top. I sustain better, and cancel his passive with the green ghoul. Sadly for me however, the enemy Nocturne ganked me constantly. Bottom lane wasn't much better off, as Riven wasn't last hitting very effectively, having only 15 minion kills by the 12 minute mark. Kills were going back and forth all over the map, with...
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19 Dec
So today was the chosen day for my very first solo queue game. It was blind pick, so I prepared myself for the worst. I grabbed Yorick for his "I can beat almost anyone in sustain", thinking that I would be top, Shaco in the jungle, and the Sona and Xin Zhao would duo bot. We all locked in except for the Sona, who switched to Nidalee, and asked politely if we could swap lanes. Support Yorick? Elementz did it in the Kiev Qualifiers, let's go for it!

So we thought that Olaf or...
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16 Dec
Ok, so I'm about to make my first venture ever into solo queue, normal games. If it goes as well as it does in my head, I might even try a ranked game. So I was thinking about using three to five champions, each in three games, and see how it goes!

My list as of an hour ago was: Ryze, my very first and favorite magic dealing champion, Yorick, because he wins the sustain game so hard, Alistar, if I ever was forced into the support role, and Amumu, because he's so cute.

Yet these were all champions I've been playing for weeks, nothing new to make this experience more...
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