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09 Feb

*mumbling angrily* “I told Garen-- I told him! But nooooooo, he was all ‘Sejuani, he’s blind I feel bad,’ and ‘Sejuani he’s just going through some post-nerf issues’ -- He’s a BLIND. MONK. The logic is heartbreaking...”
“--Hey! Um, excuse me! Excuse--”
“What point is having Bruce Lee over here if he’s throwing flying kicks...
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08 Feb
Crazy Jenkins here. I haven't had any college work in a while, and having recently sprained my ankle, my social life out of 1-10 is around a negative suck, so the next edition of InstaLock is (as the title claims) ahead of schedule! Expect it either tomorrow or Friday. Here's what to expect:

And one other mystery teammate at the end! *You may guess in the comments section lol*

Also, a brief appearance by the one and only:

[icon=Lee Sin...
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