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Khazem's Mobafire Blog

16 Jan

Views: 1240 Solo queue game 11

Duo queue with TheGrandmasterD


Top: Garen vs Riven
Middle: Xerath vs Cassiopeia
Bottom: Vayne and Sona vs Caitlyn and Soraka
Jungle: Nunu vs Rammus



Last picked Vayne into Caitlyn/Soraka, was confident I could handle the lane and it turned out well. The pick was mainly aimed at dealing with Riven/Rammus as I was expecting them to get fed.

First blood...
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10 Jan

Views: 1785 Solo queue game 10

Started playing ranked again, figured I'd start posting my games here again as well~
No screenshot of the draft, going to leave those in the future as well as there's no real point.


Top: Tryndamere vs Olaf
Middle: Cassiopeia vs Veigar
Bottom: Caitlyn and Sona vs Kog'maw and Soraka
Jungle: Amumu vs Fiddlesticks


Pretty hillarious game. Picked Tryndamere and got 'counter'picked Olaf. As I went in...
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08 Dec
Why hello there. In this post I will be giving you some tips on how to survive the horror that is Elo hell. By reading this post, you may not want to kill yourself after every game anymore and maybe even ascend the ranks.

What is Elo hell?

To put it simply, Elo hell is what many people believe to be the lower part of the Elo ladder (1400-0), but in reality is whatever Elo they are currently in. It's the Elo they're currently hopelessly stuck in, in which they think everyone is holding them back.
I will be talking about "lower Elo"...
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21 Nov

Views: 1493 Solo queue game 9



Top: Tryndamere vs Akali
Middle: Cassiopeia vs Morgana
Bottom: Ezreal and Soraka vs Caitlyn and Sona
Jungle: Rammus vs Lee Sin


So yeah it's been a while since I posted one of these, mainly cause I had a bad streak of games last time I played ranked games and...
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08 Nov

Views: 1531 Solo queue game 8



Top: Irelia vs Wukong
Middle: Sion vs Karthus
Bottom: Graves and Nidalee vs Caitlyn and Soraka
Jungle: Shaco vs Nocturne


This was a pretty fun, back and forth game. I picked up Sion for this game, haven't played him all that much but let's face it. He's not hard...
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