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Khazem's Mobafire Blog

06 Nov

Views: 1473 Solo queue game 2


Top: Shyvana vs Gangplank
Middle: Sion vs Swain
Bottom: Miss Fortune and Alistar vs Kog'maw and Ryze
Jungle: Shaco vs Fiddlesticks


Pretty interesting game, looked like it was going to be a rough one.

Started out normal as ever, no first blood action....
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06 Nov

Views: 763 Solo queue game 1


First game of the day and a win, yay!

I was third pick and after a huge misunderstanding in champion select, I ended up getting Warwick random'd to me, which was fine since I wanted to solo top anyway.

Game started off pretty normal, no first blood attempts. I was laning against Shyvana who never really gave me any trouble. Our bottom lane got first blood after a gank...
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06 Nov
Hey, this is where I will keep track of my ranked solo queue games while I try to ascend the Elo ladder. This will hopefully help me analyze my mistakes better to improve my play and maybe give someone something interesting to read in the process.
I will include screenshots of the endgame screen, my thoughts about how the games went and what I could have done better, as well as a LoLreplay of every game.

WIN-LOSS: 54-52
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