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Khazem's Mobafire Blog

05 Jun

Views: 960 Solo queue game 16

So this was another game I wanted to talk about. I offered to support to let other people play their best roles since I was last pick, but not having played support since back in the 1400s I was pretty unsure about how this game would go.


Top: Kennen vs Nocturne
Mid: Malzahar vs Fizz
Bottom: Graves and Taric vs Corki and Ashe
Jungle: Alistar vs Dr. Mundo


This game started out...
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01 Jun
Been a while since I've been able to do some ranked games due to all kinds of computer related issues, but now that's finally all resolved, the climb is back on.

Top: Jarvan IV vs Riven
Middle: Akali vs Kassadin
Bottom: Graves and Taric vs Ashe and Lux
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Udyr


So this game was just another one of the old 20 minute stomps. Nothing special really.

It started out well for us as we...
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18 Feb

Views: 1506 Team queue games 1 & 2

Continueing my blog with my first ranked team games.

Game 1


Top: Shyvana vs Irelia
Middle: Cassiopeia vs Master Yi
Bottom: Ahri and Sona vs Ashe and Alistar
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Trundle


Pretty one-sided game. Started out very passively due to our Sona not being able to connect for the first two minutes. No level one fights or invasions from either teams.

First blood happened about 8...
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14 Feb

Views: 1515 Solo queue games 13 & 14

2 more games I've played recently (need to stop rageclicking Play Again after losses and take screenshots of them too) Not been playing ranked a lot cause my net has a tendency to crash lately.

Anyways.. slowly climbing back up the ladder, hopefully getting ma goldz back soon!

Game 13


Top: Lee Sin vs Warwick
Middle: LeBlanc vs Ahri
Bottom: Tristana and Sona vs Sivir and Alistar
Jungle: Rammus vs Amumu

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16 Jan

Views: 979 Solo queue game 12

Duo queue with TheGrandmasterD


Top: Gangplank vs Kayle
Middle: Xerath vs Vladimir
Bottom: Vayne and Alistar vs Graves and Soraka
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Udyr


Fun game, I decided to pick up a support to try and make sure our Vayne first pick would be in relatively good hands.

First blood happened up top as Kayle got a pretty early kill on Gangplank. He was losing his lane...
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