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Luther3000's Mobafire Blog

06 Dec

Views: 1472 Angry Blog Post

Playing ADC sucks now and I will explain why.

1) Supports have such a huge influence on the laning phase. In the past it was also the case that supports were more impactful than ADCs in lane, but now it's getting to a ridiculous level. A damagey support like Annie can practically instantly kill both enemy laners and tanky supports are impossible to auto down while providing high amounts of CC.

2) This wouldn't be so bad, but supports now also scale crazily. You can literally lose 1v1 to a damage support at most stages of the game and meanwhile tank supports are getting even more...
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07 Apr

Views: 2906 The best game in history

o my god

In bot lane we were doing pretty well, despite dying to some Nocturne ganks we picked up some kills and took their tower. Ryze ragequit pretty early in the game after feeding something like 4 kills to Anivia. Shortly afterward, his 'friend' reconnected to play the game for him. Shortly after that his 'friend' ragequit because Diana was taking his farm. I was pretty sure the game was over then, but somehow we were still able to take bot tower.

After we went mid we repeatedly fought them and won every single time due to...
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14 Mar

Views: 1234 wat do

hai guis

-I'm too scared to play solo queue and I hate it anyway
-Mowen can't play for a long time or maybe never
-No one else lieks me and I have no team
-I'm too addicted to quit and I wanna be the very best like no one ever was
-I suk

wat do pls i havent played for 5 days i cant feel my legs halp

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