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Luther3000's Mobafire Blog

02 Mar

Views: 740 Quinn first impressions

I played her three times so I totally know what I'm talking about k.

Harrier - Doesn't seem all that great. It's a little too random since it tends to target random minions when you don't really want it to and it can mess up last hitting.

Blinding Assault - Damage seems a little lacklustre as a poke, but it does have the nice blind effect for trading. As a waveclear it's also not the best since it'll only hit one row of minions unless you make them bunch up and it only takes about 2/3 of their health. Terrible scaling.

Heightened Senses - This one's pretty good. 40% AS...
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22 Dec

Views: 553 Guide now published

Hai guis, I've now finished working on my Caitlyn guide. It's here if you'd like to see.

If there's anything else you'd like to me work on then let me know. I'm lazy so it might take a while before I feel like making another (and it's pretty conditional on the success of this one in all honesty). The other champion I was thinking of writing something for is Ezreal but there's a few other things I'm pretty good with, mostly AD or AP carries and a few top lanes.

Also it's MissMaw's birthday <3....
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15 Dec
Hai guis.

I've almost finished writing my highelo pro 360 mlg noscope snipez guide and Mowen came up with a super awesome secret genius name, so I will be releasing it on the 22nd of December. This is the same date I released my original guide. Hopefully the world doesn't end or I guess all this effort was for nothing. It also happens to be my lovely assistant/prettyfication person MissMaw's birthday. <3

Have a sneak preview:

TL;DR: get hyped
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09 Dec

Views: 1250 On Caitlyn

Hai guis.

Recently I was watching the IPL5 stream. In between the k-pop they would occassionally show some LoL games, where I noticed CLG (and later other teams) begin playing a lot of Caitlyn + Nunu with Doublelift making some amazingly sexy plays and getting one pentakill and one almost-pentakill. After changing my pants, I decided it was time to play some Caitlyn.

Since then I have come to the conclusion that Caitlyn is the best **********ing champion in the game, so to pre-empt everyone playing her I'll be writing a new Caitlyn guide to replace my old one which I released almost...
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