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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog

12 Jul
Hey there im Mint and this is a Mint Series Champion Spotlight, featuring Roaslie, The Amazing Thorn.


Roaslie was a young and talented child, who was determined to use her fencing skills as a skill that she could use to get into the League of Legends. Her older sister, Fiora, was taken in first and after that Roaslie was no longer accepted. So instead of using her sword skills she developed a new type of fighting one that required her to change her lifestyle. While it seemed worth it at the time, she developed silky skin that was made of leaves, and...
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12 Jul
Hey there my name is Mintleaves but you can call me Mint, this is the unique series I was talking about on my introduction post. Here we will talk about Roark, The Stonehard Enigma.


In anceint times Roark was believed to be a legend or a myth, he sat dormant in a cave outside the Proving Grounds and watched and listened as the war went by. After the war was over Roark awoke he saw the decaying bodys of Noxus Troops and Demancians after this horrible display. He saught out the League of Legends and once found, he rampaged against the walls and doors, once he...
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12 Jul
Hey guys im back sorry I've havent been on in forever, I've been trying to get some IP for this new upcoming champion Zyra, Rise of the Thorns I swear its going to be cool she looks a lot like Blackthrn Morgana doesnt she but i digress. So in the the Champion spotlights i've been making i have been behind in fact i was working on one before i got off i will have it too you by Saturday. Anyways its nice to be back and i hope too talk to you remember you can leave me PMs and comments below.
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06 Jul

Views: 555 Hey!

Hey there guys my name is Mintleaves but you guys can call me Mint seeing as how this is my first blog and i am new to this i suppose i should say something profound... nope nothing comes to mind.

Here are my top 10 favorite champs in league of legends

1: Fiora
2: Malphite
3: Draven
4: Veigar
5: Ryze
6: Shaco
7: Master Yi
8: Warwick
9: Temmo
10: Tyrndamere

Now i will start something unique on my blog soon.
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