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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog

15 Aug

Views: 223 Idiots on LoL

Helloe everyone I can't take it anymore!
The idiots on League seem to be in every game I play in.

Just help me out here tell me what I can do.
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14 Aug
Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legeeeennndsss!!! Fiora! Versus! Master Yiiiiiiii!!!! Begin!

Master Yi: AD or AP, like no other, I meditate then tank everyone, then their brother. You think your faster than me with the touch of your Dash then your speed? I use my ulti to finish the kill, girl. I kill you so fast, it'll make your head whirl! When I use my E, I raise my AD, get more damage to increase to rampage, then legendary, is my next goal! I'm on a roll, no time to shut down me, pop my ulti to get away, to strong for some ELO sway. Im not here to play, I send noobs astray to...
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14 Aug

Views: 435 Team Making

Hey there, I know I havn't posted anything in a while, but I want to start a ranked team and I need some teammates, so if your interested in joining, PM me for more details, or PM me your account name and I'll add you.
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02 Aug
Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legeeeeeends!!! Garen and Lux! Versus! Draven and Dariuuuuuusss!!! Begin!

Garen: DEMACIA!! My name is Garen and I'm so tough.
With me on your team, no tank is good nuff. I build
my Warmogs and absorb damage outright; My [[Demacian
Justice]] ending fights outright! And with Lux by my
side I won't have to fear, not being back up with a
laser near !

Lux: Hiya! He'll end the fights alright and I'll provide
CC just right! Oh Darius you think you're so bad, but
if you get snared, no true damage for you, how sad!
My friend Garen is...
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