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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog

23 Jul

Views: 575 The ELO Climb Part One

Hey everyone This is Mint but I am also called "EmbracedShadow" on LoL.

Last night I was 1/12 in ranked with 834 ELO now? In one day and 3 games I have made it to 4/12 with 945. Well thats it I am going to make a guide with the champ that did it all!
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23 Jul

Lux: Epic Ra-Ra-Rap Battles of-ofof League of Legends.

Garen: Huuuuu DEMANCIA!!!!!!!!

Lux: Alright here we go.

Garen: WHy you looking at me, the best dang champ. in the League. You fight lika wuss, me? I'm OP, gaining speed. Using honor, I fight for the weak, why? Well you see, I'm OP tanking every champ. in the League, dont get under 1/2 health around me! I'm gaining speed huntin you down, then once I get there, I just spin around! Demancia! You get put in a trance due to my awesomness, and once you see me you run in the bushes and come out with...
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23 Jul
In request of CKawaii.

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!!! Kassadin! Versus! Mahlzahaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!! Begin!

Kassadin: Void Prince? Ha now that's a laugh, maybe you should just build your Dorans rings and me my Voidstaff. What's funny is, that I'm your counter; I jump around the map all day, "Why no ss?" your teammates say, yet you only got flash, okay? In The Void, there can only be one, and that's gonna be me with my Voidgun! We're both here, like Luke and Vader, except that this Vader is a Malzahar...
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22 Jul
Hey Everyone I'm here to show you a thing or two about an ER...

Dr. Mundo: Gimme the mic!

Mint: Hey!

Dr. Mundo: Ladies and gentlemen without a moments wait! Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!!! Shaco and Teemo! versus! Gangplank and Blitzcrank! begin!

Blitzcrank: Robo's first, now that the word that brings everyone down don't get caught in my q or i'll bring a frown! To your face! i was stolen from Viktor to try to win and mess up your pace, but i cant, im so ashamed to be here to beat a bunch of losers, and make sure that they get some skill. i'll whup your...
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