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12 May

Views: 913 On hit champs

So what is your opinion of going on hit with champs like kayle or kog maw? No one even seems to think about it as when I play either I'm always asked "AD or AP?" never if I'm going on hit. But on hit is way easier to build and does better damage early game. Then later you can sell some of your items off (malady) for something better like a BC or a IE or whatever you don't have that would help (I prefer BC on kayle for the passive and AS). But what are your opinions of on hit builds? I can honestly say I've never done badly when building on hit Kayle and I don't play kog so I can't...
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26 Mar
I went fromm 11 rep to 17 rep without one person saying they were going to +1 me lol. (bu-du-bu-bu-buuu) I'm lovin it. I just wish people would tell me what they were repping me for so I could talk about it more and get more rep :P I've spent the last week looking over what I've said on forums and guides and I'm at a loss haha. Guess I just gotta keep saying awesome things. Shouldn't be too hard.
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21 Mar
Basically here is what I have noticed. Some people will get an up vote on their guide but in the comment there will be some constructive criticism such as "you only have 5 items. You might want to add another one." And somehow that makes them mad. Then they will reply in a rude way. Here is the lesson people and learn it well:

If they UPVOTE you they can DOWNVOTE you. Do not piss off someone who gives you a +1. Ever. No matter what they say. Be nothing but polite to them. First of all it's common sense. Second of all most of the time they are trying to...
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17 Mar

Views: 467 My Ezreal Guide

I am archiving my Ezreal guide. It needs some re-working and a whole new section to be added. I'll re-post it when these things are done.
(edit) I've re-worked most of it and the new section doesn't need it to be archived to be written. It has been unarchived. It is much better looking and informative now.
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