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22 Jun

Views: 611 Dat stream

My stream is up! I will make a post in off topic where I will post whenever I'm going to be streaming. If you want to watch feel free, however be warned that my mike is ****py. Anyway I said I was going to do it a long time ago and I've finally gotten off my *** and done it.

Also I'd like to point out that if I suck at talking while I play I'm sorry I've never done anything like that and it may take some time to get used to it. Also I hope you guys like indie music... lot's and lot's of indie music.
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20 Jun

Views: 482 T_T

I... I don't even know... How the hell did that even happen? I did everything in my power. I ganked, I carried, I gathered them together to do objectives, but they didn't listen. If they had just listened we would have won... 24/7/15 with akali. HOW THE F*** DO YOU SCREW THAT UP PEOPLE?!?!
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30 May
I was last pick on my team. I called that I'd like to either play mid or top as Akali. My team proceeds to lock in a top and a mid as well as another top and a support. I decide "Screw this s*** I'm jungling." So I lock in Nocturne and tell TF to get his *** down bot to play AD ranged. Alistar was not very happy supporting him because the guy was a total scrub. I told Alistar to just do his job and let me do mine. My job ended up being to gank bot 3 times each time resulting in a double kill for me and finally destroying the turret.

Then I designated TF to do...
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26 May

Views: 655 WHAT?!? HOW???

I was in mid lane as Akali against an Ahri. I was destroying her in farm, had killed her multiple times without dying once, was even roaming and getting more fed. I didn't even die until 40 min into the game. I call my team together and push top lane coming out with a triple kill putting me at 13/1/something. We have to recall because somehow they all respawned seemingly immediately and we were all at low hp (I should have known something was wrong then). I wasn't checking on kills because I knew I was fed and I knew my team had won every lane.

We come back to mid to push the...
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24 May
My new laptop came in today. The old one was running LoL on the lowest settings at 13 FPS. This new one hasn't dipped below 50. Maybe now I can actually play :D Also thinking I might start streaming if I can work it out with my friends to do some stuff together. Maybe some commentaries and such too. Who knows? This opens up a world of possibilities for me.

So what do you guys think? Would any of you tune in for some streams? I'm not high elo it would just be for fun. Mainly for my commentary and to see my face (you know you wanna). Also what Ideas do you have. I mean there are already...
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