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08 Oct

I admit. This one makes me feel a little sorry for the other team. We had a legendary Rengar by fifteen minutes and I had more farm than their top and bot combined and like 4 assists from Rengar ganking my lane. Makes me sad that those poor people had to go through such a rapefest.
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25 Aug

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About this game. I got three kills by 4 minutes and had a great ult that got my friend a kill when he should have died counter jungling. Our top was a Garen who fed a Rengar and our mid was a Kennen who fed a morde. So we were pretty behind other than me and my friend playing Pantheon.

My friend and I outplayed the other team so hard that we won two teamfights in a row even though the other team was so fed. We got pretty fed and 3 man baroned as soon as we killed their jungler when he...
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17 Aug
Well it's not really an apology. I'm not sorry. It's just an explanation. I've just restarted school a couple weeks ago and I just got back into the groove and have worked out time for school, work, and gaming so I should be back to posting and playing again.
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29 Jun
Played two ranked games today with my friend.

First game: Get first pick choose Akali and call mid. End ups switching to top and putting Darius mid because I got killed pre level six and needed it. We switch but our lane partners switch as well so it accomplished nothing. My jungler (my friend) Olaf ganks 4 times but fails every time but one in which I get the kill. I end up going negative and not really doing anything all game but afk farming and pushing top towers down. Our Darius gets fed and we win just as I was getting farmed enough to come back into the game...
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24 Jun
It would seem I'm always stuck in the jungle although I prefer mid. I'm ok with this though so from now on I will probably be playing more jungle in normals as well. If I am not jungling I will most likely be playing mid as Akali as I find her to do really well against most mids. I have a friend who will be playing top when we duo que and if he can't he'll probably be jungling while I do mid or support. At all cost I will not be AD carry since I'm terrible with them. If my friend ever wants to jungle and someone has called mid I will probably take top.

My junglers: Nocturne,...
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