A concept already posted on the forum, but I hate the idea it will be deleted/archived, so I'm giving it a few more months (maybe Riot steals it, meanwhile). I was looking forward to a champion that could counterplay ability relying champions, especially ones that dealt magic damage. With a few tweeks he seemed to become viable as a jungler. Here is the finalized idea:

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Being convicted is just the start of a new life, where doors are wide shut. In the old civilization of Shurima, Iramal was such a person. A person whose options lie in someone else's needs and desires. Iramal had had a miserable life and felt relieved upon his capture, expecting his execution soon, for his violent, barely profitable thefts. Until the day an old man passed by his cell and noticed such relief. He stopped, surprised, asking whether Iramal would like to live and atone for his sins. Iramal glimpsed the man with a grin.

The next day, right before sunrise, Iramal was being blindfolded in his cell, the last thing he remembered before he saw himself encased in a vitreous chamber, shackled and naked. Everyday he felt pain from arcane energy, ancient spells and vitriolic chemichals. His skin changed. Became rugous and green before he lost his eyes, but not his vision. He felt imense power within his body, but never quite powerful to break the increasingly though enchanted shackles, until the day the torture stopped. Finaly, tired for year without rest, he fell asleep. Until, one strange day he had woken up, without mundane famine or thirst, his prison had lost most of its force. He looked at himself glowing as much as the Sun, dispite being burried quite deep in his chamber.

Iramal rushed to the surface unaware of how much times had changed. There was noone else around but a strange need for revenge and none to present it with. Until he found scriptures remarking an undying desire of an old and rich man envious of a powerfull mage named Xerath.

base HP (+ per lvl): 438 (+92), 2094@18
HP regen (+ per lvl): 6.2 (+0.85), 21.5@18
Base Mana (+ per lvl): 265 (+42), 1021@18
Mana regen (+ per lvl): 6.9 (+0.6), 17.7@18
Range: 125
Base AD (+ per lvl): 54 (+3.4), 115.2@18
Base AS (+ per lvl): 0.661 (+2.5%), 0.959@18
Base Armor (+ per lvl): 17 (+3), 71@18
Base Mr (+ per lvl): 24 (+1.35), 48.3@18
Mov Speed: 345

Champion Abilities:
Sins of the Arcane (Passive): Iramal gains 3% bonus AS for each 10 bonus Magic Resist.

Magical Thirst (Q): (Active) Blinks to an enemy champion, silencing them for 0,75/1,2/1,6/2,1/2,5 seconds and dealing 70/100/140/190/250(+1,5 per Mres) magic damage. Any single-target abilities from any other enemy champion will cost extra 10% after hitting Iramal, for 3,5 seconds.
  • Range: 800
  • Cost: 65/75/85/95/110 mana
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ethereal Anger (W): (Passive) Whenever Iramal is stunned, silenced, blinded or surpressed, he afterwards gains +5/7/9/12/15% LifeSteal and SpellVamp for twice the duration.
(Active) Iramal blasts an area around him with arcane power for 70/90/110/130/150(+0,6 AD)(+0,7 Mres) and gains a shield of 25/50/75/100/125 for 3 seconds against magic damage.
  • Radius: 500
  • Cost: 55 Mana
  • Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Dormant Power (E): (Passive) Each time an ability is used within Iramal's field of vision, Dormant Power gains a charge. It can store up to 10 charges and can only be activated with 3 charges, minimum.
(Active) Iramal uses all charges to gain 2 AD, 7 armor and 6 Mres for each charge used for 3 seconds. Also, his next AA splashes 30% of bonus AD.
  • Cost: 45 Mana
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Heresy (R): (Active) Iramal blinks to a location and becomes untargetable for 2,5 seconds. Afterwards he can blink again within 3 seconds, dealing 250/350/450 magic damage (+0,8 AD) physical damage.
  • Cost: 100/125/150 Mana
  • Range: 500
  • Cooldown: 125 seconds

Recommended Items:
Starting Items: Boots/ Null-Magic Mantle
Essential Items: Mercury's Treads, Negatron Cloak, Hexdrinker
Offensive Items: Mercurial Scimitar, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King
Defensive Items: Randuin's Omen, Frostfire Gauntlet, Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor

Fighter, melee, assassin.

Ability Details:
P: Bonus Mres includes Runes and Masteries. (bonus_AS) = 0.003 * (bonus_Mres)
Q: Single targeted dash, only valid on enemy champions. Single target abilities from enemy champions will have an extra 10% cost (mana, hp, energy or none if such is the case) upon its effects are activated on Iramal. Has a 0.5s delay before reaching the target (much like Twisted Advance). Pops spell shield.
W: Passive does not trigger with roots, MS/AS-slows, Armor/Mres or other king of debuffs. LS+SV buff will only start after CC is finished and is renewed upon end of another CC. Same instances of the same CC should be differentiated. Does not pop spell shield.
E: Charges will only be aqquired if the source in visible within Iramal's range. If a champion uses a skill near a ward but far from Iramal's field of vision, it will not count. Cannot be activated with less than 3 charges. Splash radius should be around Tiamat's passive. The AA that causes splash pops spell shield and is negated. Splash damage is negated as well.
R: Upon activation, recieves a 0.5 second cooldown and then has 3 second for recast (effecticelly giving 2 seconds of invulnerability after a possibility of double blink with a total of 1000 range). For the entire duration, Iramal can't be target of any spell or area of effect and will not take any damage. Second blink Deals damage upon arrival, within a radius of 350.

Iramal's body was twisted with magic and forbidden substances. His skin has become lime green, with glowing purple lines mirrored by his spine. Very old and worn pieces of cloth cover his lower body. He wields a rusty katana on his left hand and a wakisashi on his right one. His hair and beard (he didn't have much) fused with his skin and has no eyes, instead has black scars, as if it was burnt.