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01 May
As a jungler trundle has always existed in that zone where they're not bad, but they aren't very good. Trundle was always fun, and was a good counter jungler, but most people played him top.

Why was trundle good top? well, Trundle had amazing sustain with his passive, which has been kept the same, now kings tribute, every time a minion dies around trundle, he gains a percentage of their max HP back. Trundle was also extremely strong in a duel do to his stat sapping nature.


Jungling as trundle wasn't very effective because it was his ult that gave him that really strong...
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29 Apr
I hear people complain about ELO hell all the time. I'm here to say something. ELO hell isn't that bad. I have friends who are in Bronze V right now. All they do is complain about how teammates lose them every single game they lose and they only ever do anything in the games they win. Good examples of this kind of player are people who are bronze V with over 500 ranked games. If you're bronze V with 500 ranked games, it's not ELO hell, you're just bad.

A prime example is people who say " I went 14/0/2 in ranked and lost, ****ing ELO Hell"

this statements pretty dumb. If...
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27 Apr
I became a referee two months ago, and as I've gone through and played several inhouses and hosted several inhouses, I've began to notice a few things.

1. People don't go off of the Inhouse list. We have sign-ups that aren't even used, why do we even have them? well it makes it a lot easier for me to do things, but I mean, why do I need them if I'm just pulling people from the mobafire chat and balancing based on wins and prior knowledge. They're not really even a rough estimate since half the people who sign up don't show and half the people who show never signed up. I feel like we...
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03 Jan

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So I've been having a lot of identity crisis lately with lanes and roles. I used to play ADC a lot but as I started to play with a group more and more people wanted to play their roles and I was left often to jungle.

That kinda change though, I queue with two groups (not including mobafire), a 3 man group (we play summoners rift) consisting of myself, a Mid laner, and a mid/jungle/support player with the infrequent play of ADC is one of them. In the group I tended to be stuck jungling or solo topping. I hated both roles at first.

However, while playing with a 5 man premade consisting...
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