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sunalesca's Mobafire Blog

09 Feb

Views: 746 Tales from Solo Queue #6

So I was in solo queue just minding my own business. Was in picks and bans. The other team first picked a Singed. A guy on my team goes, 'hey guys, let me top, I can counter Singed.' We're all like, yeah fine, go for it dude. He locks in Soraka. And we're kinda like...what? Everyone was like 'are you sure you know what you're doing?' I was Diana mid and I took Teleport just because I was so scared about that matchup.

I didnt need to use it once. Soraka ended the laning phase 6-1.

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23 Jan

Views: 486 Guess what?

Well, I finally made a guide! I've been toying around for ages with WIP guides for Janna, Karma, Lulu and Sejuani, but today I just sat down and started a new one from scratch. It can be found here:

Hybrid Support Lulu

It's not as pretty as some guides here, but it gets the job done I think :) Would be nice to have some sexy banners in there or something, but my artistic/photoshop skills are non-existent :(
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