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The_Nameless_Bard's Mobafire Blog

05 Jan

1.Choose a desktop background sized image and open it in GIMP. Since we want to make a desktop background with it, there's no reason to open it in a new canvas of signature size.

2. Choose a splatter brush you like. Make sure you can easily make a clipping mask that won't be too much of the original image to look nice when moved.

3. Duplicate your background layer and add a new...
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18 Dec
Dear writers of the TV show Dexter,

I did not need you to "cliff-hanger" me into watching season seven. I had already planned on watching it next September. I also really do not understand that giant twist you added to the plot. This episode makes no sense to me at all honestly. I was left in confusion and rage, gaping at the TV screen.

If you would kindly announce your early April fool's joke and play the real season finale I would be happy.


P.S. If you were to do this could you remove the weirdness with Deb please? I don't care that Deb and Dex...
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09 Dec
So today I got my eyes checked and turns out my eyes are special (aka kinda screwed up).
For one the vision my right eye is somewhat worse than my left (20-40 vs. 20-30).
If that wasn't enough of an annoyance, my left eye has astigmatism.
Then on top of it all my right eye has an inward turn.
(the last time I got my eyes checked I just got a normal prescription for nearsightedness, nothing weird)

What's an eye turn, Nameless??
whelp, it means when my right eye has nothing to focus on it drifts slightly inward (in my case, there's also such a thing as an outward turn)....
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09 Dec

Views: 1157 yay ^_^

So the yarn for the sweater I talked about knitting a few blog posts ago came in and it is soooooo pretty.

Now to start on the sweater which will look like this, except it will be blue instead.
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01 Dec

Views: 1696 Q & A with Nameless

Q: Who am I?
A: I'm a crazy person who is under the delusion that they are good at this game. My IGN name is TheNamelessBard, hit me with an invite if you wanna play some games with me.

Q: How did you get into LoL in the first place?
A: My Ex boyfriend got me into it. You can go check out his moba profile here.

Q:'re a baddie?
A: Let's paraphrase a fun convo from the mobafire chatroom-
TheNamelessBard: something, something, something (I don't remember exactly)...I'm such a baddie
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