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Toshabi's Mobafire Blog

21 Jun
So, the big anime convention is next week (Anime Expo LA) and of course that means one thing: TIME TO GET EVERYTHING TOGETHER FOR COSPLAY (I'm a nerd)! Upon getting to work on things for my cosplay (Godot from Phoenix Wright), I sort of came across a slight situation; I like wigs for cosplays, they're simple and easy to do, but look sort of eh. After looking at a few sites and a few tutorials (Actually, I'm probably just going to have my friend help me out with it) I think that styling my hair instead of wearing a wig might be a bit better. I've never really had experience with styling hair...
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14 Jun
Ugh,.... I always dread these 7 days....

From June 14th, 6:00AM PST to June 21st 6:00AM PST I, Toshabi, MUST act nice to everybody and have a positive (misguided) response to any idiotic comment that I receive during that period no matter how stupid and wrong it is.

The rules

1. Toshabi must act nice NO MATTER WHAT.

2. This lasts for 7 days straight.

3. Violations of these rules result in Toshabi adding person's name to the "People that beat Toshabi" list.

4. Smileys must be used in every post (such as :>, :), ^_^, ect.)

5. Toshabi can not mean what...
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06 Jun
So, today seemed rather typical. I got up (12 in the afternoon, I'M GETTING BETTER YEAH YEAH, SUMMER IS ON AND COLLEGE IS OUT, I DESERVE TO BE LAZY) and went on out to scour the streets of my city on a search for entertainment. I make it to a fast food joint (arby's) when suddenly, someone from out of ****ING NO WHERE says to me "OH MY GOD! IS THAT TWITCH!??!". For those of you that don't know, one of my casual hats (looks less ***gy irl) has a few pins on it made by some of my...
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