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Toshabi's Mobafire Blog

13 Jan

Self explanatory. I'm actually on the train back to me home, but there be internet up and running on here so ofcourse imma abuse it. So what fail went on during these long 3 weeks? V:

Never mind. I browsed most of the forums. You guys are hopeless without me.

Also, youtube tags are sort of funky on this internet, so if the video doesn't load for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON:
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11 Jan

Views: 527 On vacation

Well. I sort of have been for the past two weeks, but as of yesterday, I went out of town. Be back on Friday SUPER DUPER LATE (or during breakfast for all me EU amigos).

Later all. :V
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20 Dec
I'm just going to make this blog entry dedicated to quotes I can't fit into my signature anymore due to size/ just having too many. Feel free to link me quotes you would like to add to this blog. Will update this particular blog weekly.

JunSupport wrote:


Reports are always useful, some people just don't understand politics.

So many people nowadays watch CSI: Miami and other drama shows. They don't realize that those fade-outs between DNA tests, stake outs, and court dates can actually take weeks, even monthes.

So when they jump online - They expect results...
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08 Dec
Having a rough game in LoL? Don't we all! Have that one teammate who is just raging at the summoner pool so hard you could literally feel his burning wrath and rage begin to melt your face off of your skull? Been there, know how you feel. Ever had a raging rager on your team suddenly.... fall.... asleep? ....What?

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a growing number of these cases rising, adding up to a substantial amount that would draw my attention to investigating the problem. I immediately took to the scene of summoners rift and headed directly to the summoner pools to solve...
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