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Toshabi's Mobafire Blog

24 Apr
So I've seen my fair share of LoL games along with the idiot things people say during them both in ranked and in normal queue play. Below is a list of my top 10 idiotic things people say during LoL games that I feel are abused, overused, and splooged all over my LoL matches. Refraining from using the following 10 phrases will make mine and everyone else's game that much more enjoyable.

10. bad <champ> is bad (or other variations of it, such as; feeding <champ> is feeding ect.)

9. <champ/item> OP

8. trololololo/huehuehuehuehue

7. Hey <champ>, 1v1?...
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06 Apr
Dear League of Legends Community,

I've been with this game for quite some time and I've seen my fair share of meta game shifts along with a rather vivid variety of strategies that work (and well when done in the right hands). Games were unique both in ranked and in normal queue, people played every champion, builds were unique and different, and games had a very unique feel to them. Things were good and the creativity from the community (despite some ideas being awful) was plentiful. You never knew what to expect when the next game started up for the most part. There was a defined...
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01 Feb
Today, chaos struck home here at Runeterra when a wave of unexpected complaints flooded the office of the tribunal. According to what the tribunal publicly released, over 60% of these complaints were from jurors who felt that many of the cases brought in are being unfairly ruled by fellow jurors. These complaints weren't the only thing to hit the tribunal, a wave of copies of the cases the jurors were complaining about flooded the secretary's office of the tribunal. The cases examined were all records of summoners who were put through the tribunal and found guilty of the crimes they were...
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16 Jan
1. You're not dying.

2. You build your champion correctly.

3. You land your skill shots.

4. You duo queue with a friend.

5. You ward your jungle and catch invaders.

6. You steal neutral monster buffs.

7. You gain legendary status.

8. You gave a skin for a champion you know how to play.

9. You focus the DPS.


Yup! Makes sense.


Xenasis wrote:

Don't forget level 1 invasions.

Fox Rage wrote:

Don't forget outfarming the enemy team

Xenasis wrote:

Oh and I almost forgot, picking...
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