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Toshabi's Mobafire Blog

17 Feb

Views: 2618 Why Riot, Why? Episode 1

Good Evening.

This is going to be my introduction and first entry to a series dedicated to the things that Riot does wrong. Of course, these are all just personal opinions and don't necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of MOBAfail (which is pretty much everything I say). Today, I'd like to talk about a subject that we're ALL pretty much involved with;

Episode 1: All Talk

So we've finally entered the 2014th year of Man Kind after the birth of our dear Lord and all we've got to show for it are things like the tribunal being put into play. Yes, the Tribunal, a...
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29 Oct
I hate this community. I really do. Unoriginallity and cookie cutter is what ultimately makes up this goddam game and I hate it to death. Sure, having cookie cutter builds and what not is to be expected from any game. I mean, everyone in gunbound used boomer, everyone in pokemon wants a mega gengar, everyone in WoW plays rogue for pvp, ect. ect. But my god, this ****ing community is so ****ing horrible with the extent it takes cookie cutter to. I can close my eyes before the start of every game and predict what people are going to say. For example, Toshabi and Twilight Spangles go to a duo...
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10 Sep
Or some famous bimbo everyone seems to love. Yeh, I pretty much got **** blocked vs cho mid and had to rely on Twilight Sparkle to carry our idiot EZ (who was actually a genius). Twilight done real good in that department when I got EATEN ALIVE BY FUGGING CHO GATH OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD! But towards end game (me and him had equal farm 25 minutes in), cho'gath went autopilot and just farmed lanes instead of being in team fights, ultimately throwing the game for his team while twilight sparkle force fed our ADC keelz via lean mean hooks. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THE...
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