Two Diana jungle games. Super stoked for this rework as it gives Diana some gank potential pre-6. And new ability effects is a nice plus.

Okay, her first jungle clear does not feel good. Both W & Q do basically 60 base damage. W gives you a shield but it is on a 15 second cool down at rank 1, so you are probably better off starting Q which has an 8 second cooldown at rank 1.

I think max order stays R Moonfall, Q Crescent Strike, W Pale Cascade, E Lunar Rush as the cooldown on E only goes down by 2 seconds per rank and the damage only goes up by 20 per rank and if you hit your E on a target with moonlight on them the cooldown resets.

If you are used to playing the old Diana you are going to screw up and ult when you mean to E, so a be prepared for some question mark pings.

Her early ganks, while better still feel pretty weak in terms of damage. The target needs to be pretty low or you need your laner to provide the additional damage and CC.

Oh, since you don't have your vacuum on E any more you can't CC the scuttle crab to lower its Armor and MR, so taking scuttle crabs is painfully slow in the early game.

Attack speed from passive, Moonsilver Blade, feels really good with Nashor's Tooth come mid to late game.

One thing that doesn't feel good is itemization. Enchantment: Runic Echoes is of course a nice first item power spike, but it kind of precludes going for Rod of Ages so you will lack the beef you might want in a pretty much all-in assassin with limited escapes.

Get a Stopwatch early or get it via your runes because you are probably going to want/need it in those mid game skirishes/teamfights.

Speaking of runes. Conqueror feels pretty useless early. Over a 51:20 minute game it healed me 2162 in a game in which I did 54864 damage to champions. Of course I don't know how much AP I was getting from it at any particular time since it fluctuates based on number of stacks and champion level, so it may have been doing more work than I could discern.

Electrocute felt slightly better early game, but not by a large margin, but maybe because vs Warwick who can simply outsustain the damage you do to him unless you catch him really low with his abilities on cool down.

I did 1517 damage with Electrocute over a 41:23 minute game where I totaled 20644 damage to champions.

Your ultimate is pretty powerful, but you aren't tank Amumu, so if you go in without Stopwatch/ Zhonya's Hourglass you are pretty much guaranteed to die unless you can E out to saftey via a minion, jungle creep, or enemy champion that is not in the middle of the scrum.

I think she is definitely closer to viable in the jungle, but I think she will likely suffer from being invaded the higher up you go as her early damage and mobility (lacks wall scaling without an appropriate target) still aren't the best.

She feels like she lacks a little in the damage department for an assassin and the current itemization in the game really doesn't support AP bruisers that well.

I think Ekko basically does what Diana does while being much safer since he can scale terrain and has his ult in case of a screw up.

But if you love Diana and your team needs a source of AP damage and you aren't in a match-up that mops the floor with your character she might be worth a go.