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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Teleport

07 Apr

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Something I picked up while watching a Pants are Dragon video though I've added some of my own why and what to do instead to the thought process.

As a jungler if you successfully gank a lane (get a kill or push the enemy laner out of lane) and your laner is low you will want to help them clear any enemy minions that are present so that your laner can go back to the Fountain to recharge and buy. This also has the effect of speeding (typically called shoving) your minions into the enemy turret to be killed forcing the enemy laner to miss getting the gold and XP from those minions and...
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09 Jun

4 min (240 second) cool down if you Teleport to a tower

5 min (300 second) cool down if you Telepoort to anything else


5 min (300 second) cool down

If at all possible call out the timings when any enemy champion uses one of these abilities.

Look at the game clock and mark the time. When you have a moment type in chat Vayne Flash 12 (which would mean that at 7 minutes into the game Vayne flashed and it is going to be down until 12 minutes into the game.)

The math on that:

Game Time = 7 min
Flash cool down = 5 min

Vayne's Flash will be up...
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