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Anivia Guides

I guess I should start off this post by saying that I've made more progress regarding my Anivia Mid guide, though it's still not what I want it to be at yet. It might take me a few more days to a week. I also wanna interject here that my Anivia Support guide just got a great guide score 🎉 🎉 🎉 I really have no clue how the guide managed to get it while being incomplete so huge thanks for that; I'll continue working on it once I'm done my Anivia Mid guide. If you're confused as to the order I want to complete things:

1. Anivia Mid
2. Anivia Support
3. Caitlyn Guide
4. Anivia Jungle (I kinda wanna fix up my Anivia Jungle sooner, but the rest come first)

More Guide Editing

The amount of time it takes to make a guide that looks aesthetically ok to the eye is boggling. Serious props to the people who invest their time into creating ones that look nicer and are more in order than my entire being. Really! It took me almost 3 hours to touch-up on my Anivia Mid guide and make it not look ugly, while there are people out there who are making the fanciest of guides.

With that said, for my Anivia Mid guide, I added more to some sections and reorganized others. My 'Runes' section, on the other hand, is getting a complete rewrite. I removed a section and changed my wording in some parts. To me, it seems like I've barely made a dent in fixing my guide, but I will continue to work on it first thing tomorrow (not like I have anything better to do).

If you're wondering, yes, I will continue working on my Anivia Support guide. I'll also try to complete my Anivia Jungle guide and fix some MORE in there because I don't like how it is right now either, though it's more t…

Anivia Support Guide

So my Anivia Support guide just got a good guide score, which is real generous, considering I have no clue how to make good guides, plus the fact I know practically nothing in terms of league. I think I'm going to fix Anivia Mid guide today and stop procrastinating, as I don't want to end up with a bad score on that.

Guide Reworks

After working on my Anivia Support and Caitlyn guide by adding more to it, I've realized that my Anivia Mid guide is definitely NOT up to par with how I want it to be. That being said, I'll 100% edit it soon, as not only does it look sad, it screams unintelligent low elo scrub. I might also touch-up on my Anivia Jungle guide since it's looking pretty sad as well. I want my guides to look decently fancy so I know I'll be fixing my guides like crazy in the next week or two.

About my Caitlyn guide, I'm still working on that one. I'm having a hard time making it, as I sound like an inexperienced human being when I try to explain a champion other than Anivia, so bear with me for a bit.

Last thing I want to say that I kinda touched on in my starting sentence is that I've added a whole lot to my Anivia Support guide. The things are different than what I'd imagined myself talking about, but it still is important, I believe anyway.

Alrighty, Sera and her cramping fingers from working on guid…

Caitlyn Guide

So, I've started to work on another guide, but this time, it's not about Anivia for once in my life. I've decided to make it about Caitlyn instead. I'm not too sure how it'll go and how it'll end up but I'm trying anyway. The guide is still in my drafts and I'll upload it once I feel like it's somewhat complete.

Volibear Guide

Hey there everyone!

I just came back from a hiatus playing LoL and well I was able to play about 140 games in the last month or so. A lot of things changed and I adapted pretty well to them and I feel like the game got better throughout the years. The champions I really enjoyed climbing the ladder right now are Morde, Voli, and Jayce. I am thinking of creating a guide for each one of them. I finished Voli's guide and published it now just in case you guys are interested: I am currently working the jungle version of the guide. Next up is Morde. Anyways, hope to see you guys in the Rift!

Guide help

Hii, so I've been writing a few guides but I kind of got a little confused.

I only started writing guides very recently and I'm still fairly new to it so I ran into a problem.

What stuff does a good guide have?

In my most detailed Sona guide I have fairly enough of stuff (at least I think so): from abilities, runes, tips to warding and laning phases but I'm unsure what else I could add to it.
When I check other guides they always seem really detailed to me and I just can't think of anything else to add.

Could someone maybe leave some tips to me or suggest what people add to guides to make them as detailed and helpful as possible?
Thank you :)

Champions Other Than Anivia

I have no clue what exactly to make of this post, but it is what it is. I've started to learn champions other than Anivia, which NEEDED to happen 100%. That being said, I've been playing Caitlyn, Janna and Qiyana this summer and it's fun being able to experience champions that are not a cryophoenix. There was even one game of Qiyana that I went 35/7 so that was thoroughly interesting.

Caitlyn was the first one I started learning of the three and I mainly played her lethality and mid. Yes, I've been told I was a unique snowflake, so there is no need to tell me that more. It's amusing to one-shot people with your ult and just spit out big damage with a Q + E + R combo. Though, fighting against assassins and mages with longer range than you is just a pain.

I've already played Janna before I started actually playing her this summer, I was just no good at her. I think I've gotten pretty decent at her that I've started to play her in my rank games, which helped me to bronze. Her abilities …

Getting out of Iron

Guess who finally got out of iron? ME; about time too. It's weird because I climbed out of iron as Janna support, rather than Anivia. Either way, I'm out and that's all that matters to me right now. Also, I don't plan on trying to get into Silver even though I know I can; it's just too tiring to climb the ranks. Bronze IV is fine by me and so instead of saying I'm in Iron, I can say that I'm in Bronze and leave it at that.

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