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LoL X Fall Guys concept art - Ahri

Hello there!
Here is the second installment of my concept art of LoL champions as Fall Guys skins! Enjoy and let me know what you think of my Spirit Blossom Ahri. I might make this a series, so feel free to request the next champion I should create!

Quick LoL X Fall Guys concept

Hello there and welcome to a fun little blog post!

I've been playing the game Fall Guys for a few days now and I thought having a LoL champion themed skin in Fall Guys would be really fun. And what could be better than having my own favorite champion as a skin? So enter my mediocre Photoshop skills... Enjoy! (if possible :P)

Downvoting Guides

Downvoting is a very interesting tool in your disposal of Mobafire member. It allows you to downvote guides that are way too troll.... wait that can't be right..... lemme try again. It allows you to put the work of someone else down... nah not that. It is a great way to show your disagreement with the other person.... Well - yes but is it right?

Downvoting is a term that means for everybody on Mobafire something different. What I'd like to do in this post is to basically prove that my look at downvoting is better then yours :D

For many people downvoting is a great way to punish bad guide concepts. But should you really downvote a guide just because you consider it bad? Imagine a standard short guide talking about tank Sona for example. You of course consider the concept of Sona building tank items trolly and you downvote because the guide is just bad and it doesn't teach new players how to play

Teams Qualified for Worlds 2020

So as we all know September 25th is the League of Legends World Championship and all the major regions from NA,EU,KR and China have their playoffs going on but I can’t wait to discuss the confirmed and potential teams we will get to see at Worlds2020!
Starting with NA: FlyQuest and Team Liquid have sealed their berth. Who do you think will join them? Imo it’ll probably be C9 as they just need to beat the winners of TSM and Golden Guardians which ended up with TSM winning in a reverse sweep.
EU: Rogue and G2 Esports are IN along with Fnatic, as they beat Rogue, Fnatic are in.
MAD would have qualified if RGE won vs Fnatic or MAD win against S04 next Friday.S04 qualify if they win against MAD.
Crazy! I want Schalke Miracle Run!
KR: NOBODY is locked in yet. There are many scenarios but first lets look at T1 since T1 are a worlds staple and ofc Faker . According to an Indian esports news article, these are the scenarios in summary: T1 need to reach 3rd or win Regionals or end up 4th and…

Writing guides

Hey hey,

Another blog post that was supposed to be about some other niche component of writing guides. Unfortunately I ended up thinking about too many subjects, so many that they wouldn't fit in one blog post. I'd rather finish this in my holiday so I decided to not write a million blog posts about that.

No, I put it in a guide. You got to take those flimsy excuses for writing a guide right...?

Here's the link :)

My Opinion on Support Items

League of legends is planning a complete item overhaul by the start of next season so I have decided to write my personal dislikes when it comes to support items.

Knight's Vow - This is my second least favourite item in the entire game. It is super un-flashy and uninteresting. All it basically provides are stats. The effect of the Partner is super general and sad in comparison to Zeke's Convergence that has interesting and flashy effect that is much more fun to use. My suggestion: Change the effect of partnership to something unique, flashy or situational.

General Update

Ah, so where exactly do I begin with this one? It's been a while since my last blog post, but that's mainly been because I haven't been doing a lot regarding my guides. The major Anivia Support guide rework hasn't happened just yet, as not only have I been busy, but I've been procrastinating in what little free time I've had. Though to be fair, I did do a few minor edits over the past week and a half.

I'd also like to take this time while I have your attention span to thank y'all. My Anivia Support guide has gone from 9 votes to 14 from the last time I checked and from 5000 views to almost 10000. As for my Anivia Mid guide, it's now 8000 views from 6000. These are quite significant figures relative to the previous numbers from 12 days ago. When I created my Anivia Mid guide, I didn't think it would garner any attention, but lo and behold, here we are with thousands of people viewing my work. Uh, that thought is mildly intimidating yet gratifying. Really, thank you!

(If you're wonderi…

SwelteringMuffin, I'm coming for ya...

Basically out of nowhere my guide just jumped from 5th to 2nd position (and hopefully won't descend back again --__--), meaning that there is only one person standing in my way. One. Last. Person. I seriously hope that we can keep this duel civilised and graceful. Currently I am thinking about hunting you down and then making your guide dying in absolute shame that 2nd place is. And after I will win this little Muffin hunt and If you will be nice to me, I will MAYBE allow you to use one of my item sets in your games.

Here is a proof that I don't fear you in any possible way:

You can run @ SwelteringMuffin but you cannot hide...

Centered text and text effects

Hey hey,

Welcome to my very first blog post.

One aspiration of guide authors (including me) is to make a guide look nice and fancy. However, I feel like many authors make the mistake of trying to make their guide look nice without taking readability into account.
Readability? What?
Well, as a guide author you want to give your reader information.
The readability is an indicator of how easy the information gets across.
What does this have to do with making a guide look fancy?
Some ways of making things look nice will make it harder to read a guide.
What are the main offenders?
Imo, the topic of this blog - Centered text and text effects.
When thou shall use Centered Text

Behold this proclamation

For Centered Text

May only be used

Below Centered Headers

"But hey, Kata, I got centered headers D: wdym"

Well yes, that may be. But the centered text will consist of a couple of sentences that start at different places. Th…

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