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De gravedigger

Is Yorick still viable? I recently purchased him because he was on sale, and I haven't done very well with him. I will normally end a game with a warmogs, a manamune (rarely will i get a marumana), and a pair of boots (this is just normals, and I have only played 3 games with him, and I cant figure out the balance between getting the muramana and getting more items). I like his kit, but I can't find any newer builds for him. The top Yorick build is stale... anyone have any good items (besides manamune)?

wat do

hai guis

-I'm too scared to play solo queue and I hate it anyway
-Mowen can't play for a long time or maybe never
-No one else lieks me and I have no team
-I'm too addicted to quit and I wanna be the very best like no one ever was
-I suk

wat do pls i havent played for 5 days i cant feel my legs halp

The Status of Rengar

I feel like Rengar needs tweak or buff as of 3/11/13. His survivability after he bursts (or starts to) down the ADC is a 3 (scale of 1-10). His burst isn't even that good without a few high damage items (a 4.5 without any high damage items on a scale of 1-10, a 7 with some). I like playing jungle Rengar ALOT and I just feel like his sustain is on the low side. For example, when I go into a small camp, I have x HP, and when I leave that camp, I have the same amount of HP IF I use empowered roar. I just feel like the ol' kitty cat needs a buff. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments. Thanks.

Ama big boy now :D

Greetings ladies and gentlemen :D

From now on, I am editor Meiyjhe :D
Though it is a huge step, it is just the beginning :D
Because each day, I will keep working, keep fighting, to make Mobafire the best website out there!

But seriously though, thanks all for being what you are, I hope I can still do a lot for the website and thank you all for pressing dat purple button for me :D

Have a nice day :D

In depth:Z.A.C.

Now, we've all most probably seen the newest addition to our league, ZAC (Zaun Amourphous Combatant).

However, something very interesting may have been overlooked in the spoilers.

Let's just look at number 6 of his pages.
We can see that the experiment has been put on hiatus because the creature seems to have gone out missing.
Well, look a little bit closer. See that paper above the official one? "You are cordially invited tothe Field....." Fields of Justice. Yeah. ZAC is already in as far as we can see.

The second thing I wanted to discuss is his leaked official picture.

Look onto the lefthand side.
See the four small pictures?

Yeah, those are most probably his ability icons.

We can't tell to much of them but let's just speculate.

Ohayƍgozaimasu, sayƍnara.

Hey guys, just thought I'd post an update, as it's been a while.

First off, I probably won't be doing patch note updates anymore, because, honestly, no one that can't talk to me or message me personally really cares. I haven't done any since the Darius patch for this reason.

Secondly, on a super exciting personal note, I was recently accepted to DigiPen Technical Institute, starting Fall 2013!

Finally, I'd like to note that my activity on Mobafire will most likely be limited almost entirely to the lazy upkeep of my builds. I have a few reasons for this.
First of all, it is my personal opinion that the Mobafire forums community has degraded to such a degree that there is very little of interest to me within the forums anymore.
I will, however, be keeping my own minimalistic builds up, both as a visual reference for others, and as a personal device for thought organization.

Cheers, guys!
I wish you all the very best of luck with your college and job apps, spring quarters, and w…

Hello :D

I think I'll start posting stuff here "regularly"... I'm only level 13 (at the moment) so don't expect any detailed builds/anything close to being helpful for a while.
Anyway, I guess I should say how I'm doing so far. My first game (about a month ago) was an interesting one I guess, it was a coop game with Teemo which ended at 0/30 :(. In my defence I had no idea what abilities were or what I actually had to do :/.
I now mostly play Cho'Gath, which is going alright I guess, but I've noticed that if the first 10/15 minutes go badly, then the rest of the game's going to follow :(. Also, I always end up playing against a Teemo up top, who consistently kills me :(. I do like Teemo, though, and have started to play him again, which is going alright, I had a game with 11/0/6 yesterday *fist pumps* :D.
Anway, I think I'll use this to chart my progress and stuff, even if Mike thinks it stupid (you know who you are :P).

Experimenting with Gangplank

Been playing Gangplank top a great deal lately with some interesting results. I learned a lot about our pirate and how his playstyle can be a bit hindering at times. Playing him top I found it easy to stay in lane against most top champions. He doesn't have much kill potential after level 3, but he out farms everyone at the moment. He doesn't scale that fantastic with levels, but his item power creep is insane. Due to that I have been playing him extremely utility based early by maxing Remove Scurvy first, starting with Crystalline Flask, and running

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