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So, I changed my name to ObakeUsagi(GhostBunny). For those who don't know, hi, I was DatKawaiiBunny!

I still need to update my guides, mainly for Caitlyn and Lux but I've been playing a bunch of

Climb as ADC main

Hey guys! I play mostly ADC ( my main roles ADC /sup) on s2-s3 mmr, and I burned out. I'm tired of bad teammates, ( especially when my sup picks yuumi or lux and cry the whole game...) and face against (almost) full assasin team comps ( zed, kayn, etc) what should I do for climb? Switch role, or hard carry adc-s 0-24? ( jinx, vayne, jhin etc. )

Canal do YouTube

Eae, aqui é o Rawen!

Se você chegou até aqui pelo canal do YouTube, é aqui que eu vou postar as builds variadas dos campeões que eu jogo e de alguns que estão nos vídeos do YouTube.

Se você veio parar aqui pelo próprio MobaFire, sinta-se à vontade para conferir o meu canal. Lá eu posto guias de lol gerais, tanto sobre campeões quanto sobre aspectos e estratégias de jogo. Se você tá aqui nesse site eu imagino que tu quer melhorar no LoL, e talvez o meu canal te ajude.

Guide Updates & More

Good morning, lovelies! 💕

I will be updating my Soraka guide slowly. I will also finish updating my Annie support guide. I'm not sure how long it's going to take but I will keep everyone posted.

On an unrelated note, I've been having a lot of fun playing

A Casual Newbie's Journal Entry #2: Enter the Jungle

Sooo the longer I play the more I primarily I have been a Nunu & Willump main. This is mostly due to the fact that when I play support I have a few I juggle between, those being usually Lux if she has good synergy w/ the ADC or Sona if I don't know who to pick, with some dips into Soraka & Seraphine but they certainly have not been as much my go-tos. Also I have Brand w/ a debonair skin I wanna try poke support w/ eventually but haven't yet. Meanwhile, I do have other junglers & I do intend on 1 day learning to be decent w/ Ekko but he's harder to learn so for now, when I get jungle, I am Nunu & Willump.

Which is a problem since Nunu & Willump have clear counters & even when I learn Ekko, most of those same champs still will be major threats. Then I discovered something...

Elise, the Spider Queen.

If you look @ the junglers Nunu & Ekko struggle w/ there is 1 jungler they all fear. Spider queen indeed. So Despite the fact I do not have her yet, despite her high difficulty to learn, m…

A Casual Newbie's Journal Entry #1

So far I've definitely have firmly planted my flag in liking to be the support whenever I am doing PvP. It feels easier, probably because I get to worry less abt being flashy & getting the kills in which I am just awful @. Perhaps it's just that support naturally plays to my strengths or I am a very poor support that is completely missing some very important aspect of it because it feels like an easy enough a role.

Part of me always feels bad abt whoever gets stuck w/ me on their team because I still never feel like I quite know what I'm doing. It doesn't help that trying to manage **** like chat during the game feels overwhelming so once the match begins I rarely communicate beyond my emotes. Though since I tend to main Sona I like to think to myself I am just being very in character!

I've @ least done the work of looking over guides & properly setting up Rune & Item lay-outs but I still feel like a mess whenever not being support. I really want to get better @ Jungling, specificall…

Art for Annie Guide

Update: I started the graphics for my Annie guide! I usually just use one skin, but I really like Gothic and Sweetheart, and I thought it would be fun to add them both! One can represent Full AP Annie while the other is Full Support Annie!

What do you guys think? :)

Maybe I'll do something similar with my other guides...?

Started Blogging and Guide Updates!

I didn't know you could make blogs...

Well, hello, everyone! For those who don't know, I'm DatKawaiiBunny but, most just call me Bunny. I've been making guides off and one for a while now. I also stream in my spare time!

Now that I got that introduction out of the way, I'll get to the important stuff! I've noticed that some of my guides were a big hit with people, so I want to take the opportunity to update those lovelies, and any new people tuning in! I didn't mean for there to be radio silence. Now that I know how to blog, that won't happen. :)

I will be updating more of my guides, specifically the ones for Annie and Senna support! I've let them go for too long, I'm so sorry. I haven't played them in a while, so I have to refresh myself on their items, runes, and mechanics.

My words are dark black for no reason

I created new Veigar guide last week. I checked everything that make sure that I have no mistakes about writing and it was OK. Then today when I was going to add something new and i checked again by clicking preview, for some reason, a lot of words are completely dark black and i can barely see it. I tried something to fixing it by removing and adding words again but they are still black for no reason. Is anyone have the same situation as I have? Does anyone know how to fix this or is this bug os something? Please let me know! It would be a pleasure!

I officially didn't finish the guide in time......

So I basically didn't finish the production of my new top secret WIP off-meta guide in time for the Seasonal guide contest - just like in the last guide contest. Don't get me wrong, I made quite a progress since then, but I am still sad that I didn't make it in time. And don't get me started on my Support Kalista guide I was working on last year - just to never come back to it ever again. *sigh* I feel like every time I am writing a guide, I always enjoy the cool stuff (runes, builds, itemization, photoshopping banners) just to then end up scared away by the boring stuff (matchups, early-mid-late game, warding, video-editing, etc). Sadly, when I write a guide and all that boring stuff isn't there - I just don't feel good about it. It makes me feel like the guide is totally incomplete :/

Well, hopefully this year I shall be more determined than the last one...

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