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Cool trick I learned with item cheatsheats

Not sure if this a widespread knowledge that I just figured out while all of yall have been using it for years. But I found out that even though item cheat sheet descriptions can't be coded, they definitely support emojis and "hard space". This means that you can actually make item cheat sheets much prettier and neater by adding some colors and line spacing. However, it is a PAIN to set up and edit later on as hard space is a really volatile character. But that's just the price we pay for pretty guides I guess :D

Diamond IV

But how huge are the ego's in Diamond IV, I swear I got king kong on one side up the enemy jungles *** when hes 0/10, giving another 100 gold to the enemy team because hes worth nothing at this point, whilst my ADC and support are inting botlane for the 900th time typing "BUT IT WAS SOOO CLOSE" no it wasnt you inters stfu. Top laners don't even play league man they just queue up, put some music on and slap some turrets >_<

What is the Most Tilting Thing in League of Legends

What makes you really tilted in League of Legends

1) My feeder laners who doesn't even asks to take my Jungle and Buffs.
I am okay in some situations i.e you are an ADC which is already strong and takes my Red buff, but if you are something like 1-10 and i am carrying this game, and you take my whole 3 jungle camps that i am going to clean, it makes me really tilted.

2) Someone steals my minions while i am able to take these minions.
Jungler comes, steals my kill, puts his smite on my cannon.

3) Toxicity just because they feed.
In example, I am playing jungle with a great KDA like +4, I take 2 drakes and a Rift. I have 3 level difference between enemy jungle and i outplayed him. I have 30-50 cs more than enemy jungler and I have more successful ganks than him. Botlaner dies once because of their stupid gameplay and they start to flame on me because they died?? This really happens sometimes to me and I just ignore or mute them. They can't face the truth they are just not good as enem

A return to blogging?

Soooo. It's been 4 years since I was last on here and blogged. I don't play LoL anymore. I've grown to hate the game and the direction it slowly went into. I've grown to heavily dislike Riot as well.

So why am I even posting on here?

Well aside from boredom, even though I don't play LoL anymore, I still have opinions on it. So I might share them here from time to time. We'll see though. This might be just a one-off post. But it might become a recurring thing. Time will tell.

To those reading, are there any of you out there that remember me from when I was still active? Kinda curious. Lemme know if you do.

Here's a general question to start things off though. What are the Top 3 things that you love about LoL? And vice-versa, what are the Top 3 things you hate about it?

Can I get a hallelujah?

Background: Riot recently released an upcoming balance change nerfing AP Miss Fortune to the absolute ground, by totally removing AP scaling from her ultimate and heavy nerfing cooldown on her most important ability ( Make it Rain) - which on its own wouldn't be that bad, if AP MF average winrate wouldn't be like 43% - it already takes an insane amount of effort to get positive winrate off of playing her, meaning that if this change were to go through, AP MF would basically die on the spot. And with AP MF, my precious guide as well :d

However, Riot just canceled the nerfs due to some weird shenanigans going on. AP MF is saved. My guide is saved. I feel sooooo relieved right now :D Can I get a hallelujah? <3

Some ability icons doesn't show

Hello. When I was updating my guide, I added more matchups to add some sort of thingss. When I write the name of ability some of them shows wrong as item and some does'nt even show. When I added Soraka, It doesn't show Her Q and E ability instead it shows an upgraded Item from Ornn, not the ability for no reason. At Viego, his passive icon doesn't show instead it only shows words and his Q Blade of the Ruined King shows an Item, not the ability. That is the only problem I have. Anyone have the same problem as I do? If yes, then tell me how to fix this or should I wait for them to fix this problem.

Patch 12.10 Changes... How We Feeling?

Well, we now know a whole lot about this next patch, and it's a HUGE one.

Champion toughness buffs so the Order of Shadow can weep while Bruisers and Tanks rejoice

Heal and Shield nerfs on almost every champion, rune, and item.

As an AP Rakan enjoyer, this affects me only a little, but i'd LOVE to hear how yall are feeling about this next exciting patch!

skin wishlist :D

- Battle Bunny Miss Fortune
- Sun-eater Kayle
- Star Guardian Jinx
- Star Guardian Kaisa
- Lunar Beast Fiora
- Battle Cat Jinx
- Enduring Sword Talon
- Battle Academia Yone
- Spirit Blossom Teemo
- Nightbringer Soraka
- Fae Dragon Ashe
- Elderwood Xayah
- Little Demon Tristana
- Solar Eclipse Sivir

my summoner name is polupoluu on NA :)

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