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Ezreal guide being delayed

Unfortunately, I won't be working at all on my Ezreal guide that I'm cookin up this weekend, as it is my birthday tomorrow, and I don't really want to be working on the guide during my birthday weekend. Hope you understand. Ezreal guide will still be out by the end of this month. Some other news is that I am also working on greatly boosting up the visual appearance of my Lethality Garen guide, which probably won't be released until around mid April. I am also currently trying to gain more of a recognition in the MOBAFire community, so if you like my guides, and wouldn't mind sharing them with a friend, then it would be appreciated.


Updates for Garen build

New updates for the Garen build will be coming soon, adding some quality changes, a few more chapters and some more advanced techniques to the guide. As for other content, I plan releasing a guide for Aphelios within the next few days. Just wanted to gives out the news that things are coming.


Just came out to my parents

So yeah, as the title says, I just (20 minutes ago) came out to most of my friends, my dad and my grandmother, all through message portals like Discord and Facebook. I didn't really plan that at all, since it is none of their business if you know what I mean. I always felt like that I am living in a world where this whole coming out is unnecessary. However one of my friends is currently really struggling with something similar and I wanted to give him some form of support and proof that this thing is doable and that everything will get better. So that's how it all started :D

And well it did the trick and helped him, however there is still one last quest I have in front of myself now. In like 2 hours I would like to come out to my mum and sister at a dinner. Issue is that I am not that much of a talker and I basically never start conversations. Also coming out in real life sounds all of a sudden really frightening. So yeah, wish me good luck, I just want to be over with this xd


Shoutout to all the scouts

I have just written a decently long comment (something I don't really do often). Apparently I was writing it for 45 minutes and it's not even half as long as the review comments of local Scouts. Just imagining the time it has to take to write one full review, makes my keyboard want to commit suicide. So yeah, shoutout to all the scouts for investing so much time just to help others <3


Hi o hola invocador esta va ser una pequeña agrupación de tips para subir de elo espero disfruten (habrá una versión en español y una en ingles.

mantente en la hierba

has solo el ultimo dragón o los de roca o lava( los otros no sirven de tanto)

si eres adc compra el reloj de arena y dispositivos para mejorar la velocidad de ataque y daño mágico si eres un kog'maw o algún otro que dependa de ello

también funciona plantear bien la estrategia en equipo(preferiblemente si juegas con amigos).
versión en ingles.

stay on the grass

do only the last dragon or those of rock or lava (the others are not much use)

if you are adc buy the hourglass and devices to improve attack speed and magic damage if you are a kog'maw or someone else who depends on it

It also works to plan the strategy well as a team (preferably if you play with friends).

Dark harvest Vs Hail of Blades Twitch All Roles (...

DH is a lot of fun if you try to go for as much Ap as possible and get that E to go off and be a flashy oneshot, While I find HOB a lot more versatile and is good going into a lot of matchups.

I believe that Ratirl was running it to see if it is viable into certain matchups ( go look at his accounts and see the matchups where he takes DH ) (( Links Below to two ))

I run DH when I play twitch support or mid and the enemy either has a way too much poke or way too much engagement to the point where u can not safely stay in lane. Hopefully, you have an ADC that has a mind and can hopefully know how to play safe / under the tower.

while U run around and play support twitch just as u would play river twitch. As river twitch, You are able to steal certain enemy camps ( chickens and gromp, blue/red ) and take scuttle + soak lane XP. ( a lot of fun if u get good at it )

I often find …

Hard Reset

Hey, it's me,
you may not have seen me in a while and that's because I haven't been on here for a LONG time.
Things have changed, most notably my mental-state and idk this account doesn't really represent me or what I am doing anymore. All guides are very outdated and mostly useless. Back when I wrote these, I didn't understand the game as well as I do now. Not saying that I now completely understand the game or anything, but I used to understand even less and have no idea what the frick I was talking about.
Now I am just living my life ... more or less I guess ... I mean there's covid ... and my mental state, so I guess I'm just playing League at a disgustingly low level relative to time put into the game. I can't say for sure if I have grown as a person or am more mature, because I have no heckin idea what is going on with me, but I think I now understand the internet and stuff a bit better and may handle some things more maturely than before.
I have started using twitter like ... a …

Something I Can't Process

I'd like to start this off by saying the following:

Why do my Anivia guides have 82k views across all of them? 50k for my Anivia Support guide. I DEFINITELY do not recall it being that high. Even if 50k for a guide wouldn't make it one of the more popular guides for Anivia, that's still ridiculously high for me.

Here's the thing, right? Think about it for a moment. Even if each person were to view that guide 10 times in total, that's still 5000 people! The thought that so many people have actually even clicked on my guide makes me wanna toss myself into a river and pass out from embarrassment.

Another thing is that some people decided to even read my guides, even after I put out a disclaimer that they weren't gonna be learning anything since I was a bronze. It's pretty trippy when I think about it.

When I first started out on Moba, I wasn't expecting to get any more than 100 views on my Anivia Mid guide, the first guide I made. Well, the next day I woke up to several hundred. Then …

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