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SoloQ Success Videos - Update#5

SoloQ Success aims to educate new and experienced League of Legends players and guide them towards a successful, enjoyable gaming experience through brief and in-depth analyses of game mechanics, player psychology, and current meta-game.


SoloQ Success #3.1 - ADC's 2nd Summoner Spell

Good ol' Wukong

It's been a while since i last played Wukong, im usually forced to use other champions becouse of ******ed team comp =/

But today i could play him and carried the team pretty much...

Miss Fort Noob


I am pretty new to League of Legends, after hearing how great it is I thought I'd better have a look & see what all the rave was about. After playing for a couple of weeks I must say that I'm pretty much hooked & loving it!

I used to play WOW & for about 6 months or so I enjoyed it but soon became bored with having to roam around for what felt like an eternity killing beasts to level up. What I did enjoy was the battle grounds & the whole teams aspect of dungeoning with other players.

I think that Lol has brought these 2 aspects together to make a really compelling game which for me is breathe of fresh air!

I'm currently playing with Miss fortune & prefer ranged characters, I started with Ashe, tried Varus but enjoy using Miss atm... as I progress through more gameplay I'm sure I'll find other characters that I'll take a shine to.

I know I have a lot to learn about the game & look forward to meeting some cool people here too, I'm somewhat more of a team orientated player & not…

Ranked Day 3

Game 10: Jarvan IV Jungle (Blue Side)

Bad game from every lane. Started well (3/1/4) but bot gave up two early double kills. I came to gank, would have killed both, but their jungle/mid were there 3/0 exchange. GG from there on not enough damage output from Pantheon and Annie couldn't one shot carries.

End Result: Defeat -18 LP 80->62 4/5/6 195/169

Game 11: Vi Jungle (Purple Side)

Another bad game from me on Vi, guess I'm going to have to try different builds on her in normals before bringing her to ranked. Couldn't get good ganks, felt too squishy again, made some decent plays at beginning but all lanes got smoked. Oh well another learning experience back to normals with Vi.

End Result: Defeat -19 LP 62->43 3/7/7 195/170

Game 12: Jarvan IV Jungle (Purple Side)

Got my mojo back with this game, big confidence booster. Decent team but our mid Lux was kind of a derp. We were taking dragon, she decides to go bot and farm and we lose it. Another baron fight idk what she was d…


So while I wait on my friends to reach level 30 (I've been there a little while now) I'm trying out for some other ranked teams. A few of my other friends I met online are starting one and I'm trying out for it today. For the position of ADC and I'm still stuck trying to choose between Draven, Caitlyn,

Order of the Sationable, now up and running!

With a new roster, plenty of potential and talent, the Order has had great start to its competitive game play. Acquiring new players, such as a new support and mid-lane, while moving Avid death to ADC has provided the team with a great base. While increasing talent is always important, the team has found that finding players of their likeness to be easy to play with rather than the best players they can find. Although their team doesn't consist of high ELO players, and amazing stats, they are showing a hot potential compared to other new teams. Expect new players to join the ranks of Order of the Sationable, and new strategies to hit the Rift from this team.

Stream Twitch T.V Timpwns121/Timowns121 The...

Hey guys its me again, giving you some updates on Timpwns121 aka Timowns121 or if you want to refer to his site names The Intersect Project.

He has be streaming on a daily basis getting a good response from the audience.
Although his regulars only make up of around 9-11 people, everyday i see something new posted about him, or new audience viewers.

Keep it going Tim =)

Here's a forum post;

Link to stream;
Link to youtube;
Link to twitter;

Just finished my Katarina Build

Katarina Build is complete.
To add more detail, try to bring up Kat's ability power as high as you can. Sell your basics for the Rabadon's Deathcap.

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Who else is looking for a team?

How many of you out there are looking for a team to play with?
Maybe you've already tried playing with some random people and things didn't work out.
I've created a guide for the sake of setting up people with each-other to test the waters of gaming with them before finally placing them into a team that fits.

Maybe you aren't a hardcore gamer but still want to join a team, don't worry, this is for you too.
Maybe you are trying to find your way into the competitive scene and are looking for like-minded players. We got you covered!

What have you got to lose? It can't be any worse than Solo Q can it?

New Champ choices

As i've matured as a player i have discovered that i now enjoy new champs in my main positions, so here's what i've found:
support: sona, lux, volibear.
adc: ezreal, caitlyn, miss fortune.
mid: malzahar, katarina, heimerdinger.
top: olaf, cho'gath, garen.
jungle: diana, xin zhao, shaco

if you have any comments on my champ choices, or suggestionts of builds and stuff please let me know. If you have any questions i'm always happy to help.

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