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League Players Are Funny

So I'm playing my second ranked game of 2021 here and this happens:

Who here do you think was being toxic?

As a classic answer to a classic answer, we've got our mid lane Kayn here saying this:

"You're very annoying you know. Super toxic smh"

After I asked him to go Rhaast instead of Blue Kayn because he kept spam pinging Blue form cooldown when he has Conqueror and then my adc commented agreeing with me LOL

He then later threatened the entire team with:

"You're all going to get banned for verbal harassment you know"

and said in all chat "my team is super toxic. they keep calling me the r-word"

What? Me and my team were mostly silent but to give him tips and to communicate objective priority. Why do people do this in League of Legends? LOL

I will take that as a compliment xD

Awww even Mobafire character counter itself couldn't handle da heat of my upcoming guide :D

Please don't consider this a blog about Mobafire code being $h*tty. I personally have no problem with this - I just consider it funny xD

To all people looking for S-, S and S+

So, you played a ranked game. You totally destroyed that Jax, so much that he won't be able to recover before you end the game. You are hard pushing toplane. Game ends. You don't get an S. Why did this happen? Well, you did get 7 kills, but enemy jg killed you 3 times and you didn't help your team at all. You didn't help with Herald or Nashor, and you totally didn't assist them. You didn't ward at all, you didn't place Pink Wards. So yeah, that's why you got an A-. To get an S, you must help your team with turrets, epic monsters, kills, and lastly, have good vision points. Regardless of your role, if you do all of the things mentioned, you'll get an S. It's not just about your KDA, you have to help your team as much as you can.

12-18-20 New updates

Hello Every one,
This weekend ill be working on a new Guide or 2 depending how much time I get
but wanted to update you that I have updated my Twisted Fate Guide and Brand guide to be a bit more Fancy looking if you haven't seen them yet :) I encourage you to go check them out

My Twisted Fate Guide
My Brand Guide
Other Guides still to come

There is My Newest guide on BRANDS INFERNO any where type build check it out when you can
i got 2 More guides coming up in the Works
(1 Secret one ) and then My Taric one witch im most Excited for over all
also i have updated my TF guide and Corki guide to have Video proof of there workings i soon to try and do the same for Brand , its easier for me to type this up then it is to make the videos so i dont do them at the same time like i should but ill work on doing better at that
but thank you for your time and let me know what you guys think :)

Anivia Changes

Yep it's once again been a very long time since I've made a blog post but here we are.

There's obviously been Preseason 11 going on which has confused me way more than it should have. For starters, they removed Rod of Ages which used to be something essential on Anivia. I honestly have no clue what's going on in the store anymore. They changed a lot of items' stats, as well as adding new ones - not to mention the complete rework of the shop which had me standing at base for 5 minutes trying to figure it out at the beginning. There's just so much going on that I'm going to try and learn more about them before I really make any major changes to my guides to better reflect Preseason 11.

With all that out of the way, I wanted to make this to just talk about the changes with Anivia coming on December 9th (or so it's scheduled for then). From the website I read, it displays the following changes in stats:

Projectile attacks’ base speed increased to 1600 from 1500
Cast offset of attack d

Working on Somthing odd and Crazy

Ok so yeah im new to the whole making guides thing so far im having fun doing it lol but any way Next one i do should be fun ive tested it out a tiny bit and i dont recommend ever doing it but is a tiny option lol and will be a champion i never really touch so " Corki Jungle New Guide" coming sometime hopefully today.
Also made a twisted fate guide of how i like to play him check it out if you like

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