I am really not happy about it, but this is basically a post with no value. It is just me crying about my recent experience with League, so in case you are not keen on that, please step aside :D

So recently I've started feeling pretty hard dissatisfaction with LoL. It is a huge combination of many different factors that came with the new season. It is by no means objective opinion, keep that in mind. The main factor that makes me feel this way is honestly just meta itself. Those who know me, know that I like playing poke oriented champions. Well it makes sense that with so much healing that is in LoL, I probably wouldn't have as much fun as I had before. Ravenous Hunter, Triumph and Legend: Bloodline everywhere I look. Goredrinker, Ravenous Hydra, Eclipse, Riftmaker basically the same problem. It kinda pains me honestly. Even though I see that Riot is currently doing their best to fix those healing issues by nerfing heal-oriented champions and runes, it still hurts having to build Grievous wound item in most of my games.

At the start of season 11, there was also a very powerful tank meta, which I also didn't enjoy to be in at all. None of champions I play are tanks, so yeah bad luck I guess...

A lot of champions I personally struggle against like Swain, Seraphine, Pantheon, Fizz all have pretty damn high winrates and especially Swain that is very annoying. Even though I myself got much better against those picks because of how much more often I see them in my games, I still don't really have a good time playing against them.

Another annoying thing was the increased burst damage in LoL, which luckily Riot already fixed. However it was pretty tough, based on the fact that I only play squishy champions.

A lot of champions I really enjoy playing are/were really down in terms of winrates including Caitlyn - my all time favorite ADC, Gangplank - currently my favorite midlaner, Soraka - my favorite champion in all of league of legends. But also Lux, LeBlanc, Jinx and Xerath. Again Riot is luckily already throwing some buffs at them but what can I say, the pain has been felt already.

Another issue is that I recently started noticing much more bugs and awkward features then ever before. Including stuff like Item Haste no working properly on many items, "Favorite champion in a role" feature you can use in champ select, which also doesn't work properly for me, client problems which I didn't have before, etc.

Then it's the fact that my favorite keystone rune in LoL ( Glacial Augment) got basically low-key gutted down, thanks to Twin Shadows being removed, Everfrost becoming an expensive mythic and Blade of the Ruined King not being active anymore. it really pains me seeing Glacial Augment only being played on Senna, lethality Sion and my lethality Kalista.

Another issue I have but which is even more subjective then others here, is the new ability haste. As much as I love the way Riot reworked it, it feels straight up bad that I have to buy one specific mythic in order to really get much of it. I dislike Moonstone Renewer and since so many support but also mage items got their CDR removed makes me feel awkward about this stat in most of my games. Meanwhile there are assassins, with much more CDR stuff

Then similarly, there is mana. Mages, the most mana-dependant class in the game have only 1 legendary mana item in the game - Archangel's Staff. And that item got its CDR and shield removed and now feels pretty awkward. I am not saying weak - but awkward.

Also I have noticed that new champion additions were kind of missing me if you know what I mean. I started playing LoL since the addition of Camille and since then, no champion addition was for me. No champion I could add to my collection of mains and call it "one of my favorites". The only thing that happened to me was a rework of Kayle, which I really enjoyed pre rework, but after the rework... It just doesn't feel the same... On the other hand there were a lot of additions to my go to BAN roster including for example Yuumi, Seraphine and Kayn. So I just hope that the new artillery mage they'll add, will suit my playstyle c:

That should be basically it. On a sidenote I am well aware that Riot is working and fixing a lot of those issues already and that things will get better. I love Riot, I love how cooperative they are, I love a lot of features from season 11, it's just the fact that a lot of things happened in a short period of time, which I am not happy about. I really believe that League of legends will get back to the state where I can fully enjoy it like I did before very soon. I am 100% sure that a lot of you here won't feel the same about the game and that's alright. After all we all play different champions and have different playstyles so we get hurt by different additions. However even though there was so many awkward things that happened, I will of course still play LoL and do my best to enjoy it. I just sadly don't feel the same way about this game as I did like 4 months into the past, which feels bad, but you know what they say. When you are down, there is only one way things can go ;)