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30 games in...

30. WR. 53.3% KDA 1.38
( 4.8 /6.8/ 4.6 )
cs x m 6.3
Lets begin... I'm such a dog can't express it with words my mental is bad so I'm gonna need to work on it , the 30th game went badly ,I was going 2/3 and my support (lux) decided that she could take all my cs , I tilted and started running it down like going for ******ed plays not helping her in team fights and other , but then I saw an opportunity and got a triple kill 1v3 so I started playing again and won , my jungle was really good and carried it as well.
I cannot deal with the stress to play vs a yorick I win laying phase, yes? Someone is gonna give him the opportunity to kill them and you get outscaled after what ? 2 items even quicker its hard to kill him w boots and 1 item.
I'm really bad at garens like I'm getting baited and well I die.
Sion matchup is something else , like idk sions in silver are bad af so I won every game vs a sion for now.
No ranged top laners so far , hm idk why but in those 10 games …

update 20 games in

Yo guys I'm really excited or almost at the moment the stats are those:
CS 191.3 (6.3)
1.35:1 KDA
4.3 / 6.3 / 4.3
20 Played
for now I carried 2 games and I'm getting better at trading + cs even if it doesn't look like it , I intend 3 games hard for 2 of them my connection said that I should kms(in game),so my kda looks like **** as well.
Update of what I learned: going and trying with illaoi while your connection sucks is gonna make me tilt and int, then how to play against gwems and Garens.
I have a lil problem khm mhm mhm my mmr is doomed, I gain 15 for a victory and I lose 31 for a loss.
cya in the next 10 games
my goal for the next 10 games is:
at least 7cs x min in every game
learn how to dive
learn the cheater recall
trade like a human being and not like a dog
and last but not the least important learn when to tp to people
current rank: S4 59 lp

Sorry guys no guide this month

I really wanted to publish another guide for this month's guide contest. But it just so happens that this and the upcoming month are packed with final high school exams, matura tests, and university entrance tests and it's just... too much for me rn >.< Sowwy guys my support Caitlyn guide (I guess it's officially revealed now xd) will have to wait and considering the massive upcoming changes to the item system, it may take quite a while until I analyze, learn, and write everything down - the guide will also probably be lower-scale as I want to dedicate my free time to LoL modding which I have fallen in love with recently :D. With that said the guide will be released eventually, I promise you that - the events of the past of me announcing but never releasing a guide shall not repeat again :D

Ancient Era Fish

-Started playing at the end of S4 to S8 after that I lost Interest to play and didn't have time to spare so I played on and off until now, got challenger multiple times back on my day (When I didn't have a "life").

-I started on NA but went to EU after and still playing on EU.

-I prefer to not to talk at all, avoiding any type of drama In game.

-I had many names mostly random botted accounts or Elo boosting from the ardent Era but not anymore.

Working on Warwick McQueen V2

Hello, this is my first blog post on Mobafire.

I have only published 2 guides on here, one of them being "Warwick McQueen" which became outdated a while ago. So I decided to update it finally. Add some more insight into it and record a new video to put up on YouTube and link in the Guide.

So far I've made the new Rune Page and Item Set and recorded the making of. BUT since I'm experiencing huge internet problems rn imma talk to my provider tomorrow and hopefully my issues will partially be resolved.
I'm only missing Gameplay for WWMQ V2 and I'm unsure if I should try to stream it or just regularly record it for better quality (my internet is really messed up since we changed providers).

Also a small personal update for those who care:
I had my Bday last saturday and turned 22. My original Warwick Guide is now 3 years old, its publishing day was at March 31st back in 2020 ^^
So yeah... Was time to update that at some point haha

Stay tuned and see ya soon! (hopefully)

UPDATE: The wr…

Return to Twitch + New Guides

Hey guys! Currently in the process of making my full return to twitch after a long while.

To compliment this I've decided to start a new, in depth guide for ekko as well as wanting to refine and fully update my viego guide. Any and all support is appreciated, as well as upvotes and criticisms! Please interact and help a brother out <3

Time to Say Goodbye

Hey guys,

I know that I haven't been active on the forums or guides for a long time, so many of you may not know me, but I wanted to share this for those that have been around long enough to remember me.

I started out on MOBAFire as a guide writer, then a moderator, and then was lucky enough to get offered a job in 2012 as the MOBAFire Community Manager. Now, over 10 years later, I’ll be stepping down as Product Owner.

I started out moderating forums, cleaning up spam, and organizing inhouses. I was lucky enough for my bosses to believe in me and let me take on more and more responsibility. I read so many books to learn how to be a Project Manager, and got to do just that. MOBAFire may be a huge site, but the team that makes it is pretty small and scrappy. I loved that, and I loved being able to learn to do a lot of things and wear a lot of hats. Unfortunately though, it’s time for me to say goodbye to the MOBAFire team.

As some of you may know, I have always been passionate ab…

Coming soon... :D

Last time I teased a guide, I never even finished it - This time things will be different right? Right?

Have you ever wanted to erase the enemy bot lane duo from the timeline?
Have you ever wanted to build lethality on a support other than just Pyke/ Senna?
Have you ever wanted to become the president of Visiontown?
Have you ever wanted to erase the enemy bot lane duo from the time- Wait I already mentioned that, did I not? *sigh* Deja vu all over again...

Well, you can have all that and so much more soon in a compact-sized guide that fits into the pocket of any experienced time traveler!

Coming soon... <3

Skins Wishlist!

TOP = Priority! League user = Mo0nl1ght

[*] Mythmaker Irelia !!! + Zyra
[*] Pajama Guardian Soraka + Lulu
[*] Empyrean Lux
[*] Snow Moon Caitlyn
[*] Monster Tamer Veigar
[*] EDG Viego
[*] Corgi Corki
[*] Duality Dragon Volibear
[*] Papercraft Anivia
[*] Spirit Blossom Tristana + Evelynn + Cassiopeia
[*] Winterblessed Zilean
[*] Sprit Blossom Darius + Sett + Riven + Yone
[*] Monster Tamer Lulu
[*] Snow Moon Kayn
[*] Fright Night Annie
[*] Battle Boss Bel'Veth
[*] High Noon Leona
[*] Heimerstinger + Nunu and Beelump
[*] Withered Rose Zeri
[*] Cafe Cuties Bard + Annie
[*] Blackfrost Vel'Koz
[*] Elderwood Ornn + Azir
[*] Count Kassadin + Count Kledula
[*] Meowrick + Pretty Kitty Rengar + Renektoy
[*] Blood Moon Pyke
[*] Worldbreaker Nasus
[*] Black Scourge Singed

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