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Blitzcrank Build Guide by THE SMURFING GUY

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Support 1% grab

Updated on June 6, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author THE SMURFING GUY Build Guide By THE SMURFING GUY 2,781 Views 0 Comments
2,781 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author THE SMURFING GUY Blitzcrank Build Guide By THE SMURFING GUY Updated on June 6, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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I'm a lol player who loves to blitz. In my opinion blitz is not easy as you think. As you keep play you will slowly able to see where the enemy is going to. Also it is good if you practise flash q or flash R Q E. I'm writing as blitz support in this. However blitz can go mid and top :D. semi tanker. I hope you read this until end and i guarentee that you will learn at least something new.
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ok runes.

I guess all the sp champions can have 2 different types of runes. When you are king against ap sp or ad sp. Like lulu or lux can be ap sp or thresh and bream and consider as ad sp and it really pain.

First for the QUINTS i recommend you to just put ap because it will help you early game with +15 ap damage and later you can also consider playing ap tank sp(no in ranked you will get reported LOL).

Second for the SEALS just 9ARMOR don't put ad, ap, health or other thing just SEAL is armour cuz if you have +9 ARMOR energy adc's auto attack will not that pain. This one has no change.

Third for the GLYPHS, it is demand on the enemy sp and mid laner. when energy mid is ap than just bring the magic Risist. however if energy mid is zed, yasuo, riven or talon or other ad champs than it is not bad to bring ARMOR OR HEALTH.

Lastly for the markets i will just put increase health per lvl for the late game.
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Don't complain about masteries and if you don't like it than just don't use mine. In season5 you could just put anything however in season 6 after the patch now we MUST USE THE SPECIFIC MASTERIES for each CHAMPION. because that is how the RIOT updated. The masteries that is not bad and i think it is most suitable.
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There is one way to play DEAL AND TANK blitz. Buy ICE GAUNTLET AND dead man's plate. the reason is that when you read the item properly you will see that they both are tank and deals PHYSICAL DAMAMGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

As a starting item there are two different ways. boats or relic shield. It is all up to you.if you want to play lane with adc than buy relic shield. If you want to roam and win the game easily than but the boats and up grade to the yellow one fast than only roam. but it might not good for adc. so i can't say which one is correct
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Skill Sequence


When you gonna use skill to champ who can run- e.g.) ezreal, lucian, kata, zed....
- R Q E - BECAUSE R has silence.

Flash combo.
- flash r q e
- flash q e r
- flash q r e - recommend this cuz try to use e later.
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i bring ignite most of the game but only if enemy had 2 or more killers than exhaust.
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Thanks for readying guys i hope you learn at least something new as i mentioned in introduction. blitz is all about the practise. if you read this i hope you to try this at least one time and tell me it is good or bad. if it is bad than just use your own one.
League of Legends Build Guide Author THE SMURFING GUY
THE SMURFING GUY Blitzcrank Guide
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