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Soraka Build Guide by ScottTheTeemo

Support grandmaster

[10.17] GODRAKA to gm!

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on August 20, 2020
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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Lane Like A God
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Ranked #12 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.17] GODRAKA to gm!

By ScottTheTeemo
Hi Guys (and cute girls) , my name is ScottTheTeemo. Come say hi @

Made a very easy guide that everyone can follow and climb with. I'll add more and more details as time flows + update the guide for you guys.

My time is very limited due to streaming, acting and setting up youtube. I'll add new things as much as I can every day, but be patient with me...
Laning Pre-lvl 6 Back to Top
The BIGGEST Problem many Sorakas face is: Passive lane, lose lane early...

Nope; more often, Soraka is a raid boss support early.

Her Q lifesteals + slows the opponent. (If you can hit)

Her W Heals + aery shields a bit

Her E Silences hard to miss (if enemy stays in the silence [purple circle], the silence roots them)

Play aggressive at level 1. Get those banana autos in there + mix the Q. Position well. Trading is okay, but do NOT trade 2v1. Auto or Q as the enemy adc fires auto to last hit minions.

Use the bush to not take minion aggro after.

Once you have W at level 2, don't trade as much (enemy has level 2 as well...usually stronger at 2).

At level 3:

My preference. I like to harass with E when I have vision on the enemy jungle being far away. DO NOT use E to harass if you have no vision on the enemy jungle.

- If you are low, do not trade.

- If you do not see the enemy jungler's location, DO NOT TRADE

Watch out for 3 man, 4 man dive Pre-6. Use flash and barrier wisely.

USE Barrier only when you see yourself getting ignited.
Laning Post 6 Back to Top
Post lvl 6
You. Are. A. God.

(Only when you have ult)

You can affect other lanes without PHYSICALLY BEING THERE.

Watch allies' health bars on top of the minimap and ult for them.

If you are winning your lane well, try to use the ult for your adc and yourself.
Mentality Back to Top
This is the most important part of league. People will flame you for losing in cs too much. And hypothetically, if you do get solo killed, just chill.

If someone flames you (jgler) for not roaming for him and etc, just say sorry + MUTE.

Mentality is the hardest part of league. Especially on a tank, you will experience some tilting losses. Just move on, and play your best every game.

If you lose 3 in a row, try to watch your replay (you can even watch replays during que time), take a break see where you can do better.
If you are certain, it was unlucky teammates or unlucky engage , unlucky comp for late game scale, just play the way you play. Do your best and you will climb.
Counters Back to Top
In lane:








Off lane

Kha, Rengar mostly...
Any assassin....too..
Thresh Back to Top
My ban when I support btw. Just ban. Tier 1 Support S8. Used in every elo, high pick rate, high win rate, high ban rate.

Learn it, or ban it.
Blitz Back to Top
LEARN TO DODGE GRABS. Hard at times, depends on the blitzcrank.

Go left right left left right

right left right left left

Try different patterns to juke.

(OR ENTIRELY POSITION BETTER. *Behind adc, minion waves. E to get your Spell thief gold)

Get grabbed = Burn flash right away. *Burn Barrier as he ignites
Pyke Back to Top
Eh... Dodge his hook.

Don't try to make it a kill lane. Target enemy adc and lower health. You can make your adc sustain better.


When he gets frustrated and roams, SPAM PING your team rigorously.
Neeko Back to Top
Dodge ball.

Focus on dodging her spells, not hitting her.

Use E on the spot she ults.
Karma Back to Top
You know the saying... "Karma's a B****" Yeah, that she is.

She hurts, and she shields.

Play safe, do not try to trade. When she uses her Q, try to E for Frostfang proc.
Sona Back to Top
Eh, lose this lane. (hard match up)

Play passive. You scale better.

Coinflip Mid/Top/Jungle. HOPE TO GOD they play well LUL.
Zyra Back to Top
She hurts, she can't sustain.

Trade well, heal with Q + pots.

Watch her plants and disengage. Go front to juke her skills, and take her plants out.

Play smart... Ez lane ;)
If enemy assassin gets fed, just build tank. (Tabi, or Mercs/warmoggs/locket) Don't even bother with other items.

If the ad assassins are fed, just build tabi, warmoggs, thornmail, randouins etc.

If ap, mercs, visage, adaptive helm, warmoggs etc.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ScottTheTeemo
ScottTheTeemo Soraka Guide
[10.17] GODRAKA to gm!
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