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Neeko Build Guide by lol Wero

Top grandmaster

[10.21] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide

By lol Wero | Updated on October 16, 2020
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Runes: AD Crit Neeko

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Runes (Main)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Hello Neeko mains and/or Cheesers that want to try my Neeko guide. I am a Masters/Grandmasters in the NA server and Challenger in the LAN server named lol_Wero and i stream AD Crit Top Neeko on twitch. I've been playing League of Legends since Season 2. I've been playing This AD Crit Neeko build ever since her release and I'm happy to finally share it to everyone who is interested on it. I also achieved Masters for the first time with this build last season and I'm maintaining Masters with this build.

Why AD Crit Build On Neeko?
Think of AD Crit Neeko playstyle as Vayne top. Only with Neeko, she has a more kill potential with Tangle-Barbs . Neekos Shapesplitter passive has decent damage while auto attacking and movement speed helps a lot with the kiting. Neeko also has good synergies with a lot of junglers for a very good early 2v2. This play style is pretty cheesey but most laners will not expect AD Neeko's damage in the early game and Ignite will help more for the easy first blood.

Why Critical Build Over On Hit Build?
As most of you know or don't know, the on hit neeko build is Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Wit's End, and Nashor's Tooth. This on hit build was really strong back in patch 9.5, but Neeko on hit was nerfed a lot in the future patches. Guinsoo's Rageblade is not essential in the core builds due to Guinsoo's Rageblade having a big bug which doesn't proc Neeko's Shapesplitter empowered autos right. It's been bugged ever since Guinsoo's Rageblade was nerfed to every 3 autos instead of 2 autos. Guinsoo's Rageblade isn't worth the gold to buy for the critical purchases with Infinity Edge and Runaan's Hurricane power spike.

Does This Build Scale?
Yes it definitely scales into the mid/late game. This build also scales way better than On Hit build. With running Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm, the criticals can deal a lot of damage. It's easy to scale into the late game due to having most advantages in the laning phase.

What's The Play Style With This Build?
Killing isn't necessary for the laning phase; but Zoning the Laner from CS and Experience is very necessary. After the laning phase is over. You should be focusing on split pushing, taking objectives, and creating a lot of pressure on the map. Neeko has good clear in the jungle so take enemy jungle camps whenever you can.
Cheese Example Back to Top
Click the image to see the cheese example video
Pros / Cons Back to Top


Lane Bully
Great CC (Crowd Control)
Great Flex Pick
Great Movement Speed
Great Scaling
Great Split Pusher


Easy To Gank
Lacks For A Tank Top
Hard To Play From Behind
Base Damage Can be Hard To CS
Team Mates Can Flame In Champ Select
Summoner Spells Back to Top

FLASH: Flash is always necessary for every game.
IGNITE: Neeko can cheese easy on the opponents with her range advantage. Starting Shapesplitter for the empowered passive autos does a lot of damage at level 1. 70% of the time Your opponent will not expect the damage for the free kill. Think of this play style like Quinn or Tryndamere. Neeko can also get to Lane pretty quick without Teleport with the Shapesplitter active.
TELEPORT: I rarely take Teleport but if you're not comfortable with a match up; you can take Teleport.
Runes Back to Top

Press the Attack is the only keystone that'll make AD Neeko viable in lane. AD Neeko is able to Proc Press the Attack easy in lane which makes her lane bully dominance absolutely great. After Procing Press the Attack, Neeko is able to continue autoing the enemy for more damage.
AD Neeko can have a lot of clutch moments where Triumph can save you in a lot of situations. The 20 Gold you gain can help with the snowball.
The extra 18% attack speed in the mid/late game, helps AD Neeko to proc more Shapesplitter empowered passive attacks. No need for Legend: Bloodline since you'll have the early life steal from Blade of the Ruined King.
Depending on the match up you're in, take Coup de Grace if the enemy are full squishy team and take Cut Down if the enemy has more than 2 tanks.

Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm
Since AD Neeko is about scaling, Gathering Storm will help Neeko become more viable in the mid/late game. Gathering Storm will also help the critical damages in the later game to burst out enemies.

Nullifying Orb
Nullifying Orb
If you're ever against enemies with high AP burst, make sure to take this and swap out Absolute Focus. Gathering Storm is a must need 2ndary rune for AD Neeko.

Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus helps with the laning phase to become a more bully lance dominance. You will also scale more Attack Damage in the mid/late game.

Celerity can be used for match ups that require you to dodge your opponent's skills or all in match ups in general. Celerity can also be a good rune choice if you're not comfortable with a match up. This rune also scales really well with Neeko's Shapesplitter active and passive movement speed. Building zeal items Runaan's Hurricane and Phantom Dancer helps with the movement speed stats to be boosted.
Abilities As AD Back to Top
Inherent Glamour (Passive)
Do not be fooled that Neekos passive will be useless as AD. It's actually very useful. Changing to your allies champions can help for movement speed. For example, Neeko has 340 base movement speed, Switching to Master Yi which has 355 base movement speed will get you to lane quick. Attack speed ratios can be increased as well if you switched to an ally champion. When taking towers, switch to an ally melee champion for bonus extra tower damage (this is only viable when taking first tower pre 14 minutes.)
Blooming Burst (Q)
Not a useful spell for AD Neeko but it's worth using if you want to use it for little damage to your laner during laning phase.
Shapesplitter (W)
Shapesplitter passive empowered autos is one of the reasons why AD Neeko can be viable. This is similiar to Vaynes Silver Bolts. Use Shapesplitter active when running back to lane or when you're about to get gank. This will be the first spell to max.
Tangle-Barbs (E)
This will be the 2nd spell to max as AD Neeko. During laning phase, make sure to use Tangle-Barbs for the kill. (NOTE: Watch the Cheese Example video to see how it should look like during laning phase).
Pop Blossom (R)
Pop Blossom isn't very needed as AD Neeko. Pop Blossom is mostly used for wave clearing or setting up a kill. Do not Use Pop Blossom to engage since you wont have the damage for team fights. It will also delay about 2 - 3 auto attacks.
Itemization Back to Top
Blade of the Ruined King will be the first item that'll be purchase.
The early lifesteal, attack speed, 8% of the targets current health does a lot to help out AD Neeko do decent damage. Blade of the Ruined King can also help Neeko clear jungle camps and take early objectives such as Dragons and Rift Herald.

Runaan's Hurricane will be the 2nd item to be purchased.
With Runaans's Hurricane coming in, attack speed starts to increase for more Shapesplitter empowered passive autos. A lot of players and even Neeko mains do not know this but having Runaan's Hurricane can empower Shapesplitter passive in one auto. As you can see here (Click here).

Infinity Edge will be the 3rd purhcase of the build.
This is when the power spike comes in on the build. With having Runaan's Hurricane and Infinity Edge, your autos with Shapesplitter empowered passive autos will deal big damage and maybe even burst out the squishy enemies.

Phantom Dancer will be the 4th purhcase of the build.
Now that Phantom Dancer is purchased, you will be having more attack speed, more crit chance to 75%, more movement speed, and a lil tanky from the Phantom Dancer passive shield. (Note: you cannot purchase a Maw of Malmortius as a 5th item)

Guardian Angel, Mercurial Scimitar, Rapid Firecannon, Mortal Reminder, or Maw of Malmortius will be the 5th purchase depending on the enemy team.

Guardian Angel is a must purchase if the enemy has a lot of assassins that can burst you out, having just for a final team fight, or if the enemy has full AD for the extra armour.

Mercurial Scimitar will only be the 5th purchase if the enemy has a lot of CC (Crowd Control)

Mortal Reminder purchase is very useful when your team needs grevious wounds. This can also help for the armour penetration.

Rapid Firecannon. Only purchase this item when you're very ahead. Having 100% crit with a big lead can end games before the enemy can scale.

Maw of Malmortius doesn't necessary mean as the 5th purchase but it should be the last item to finish completing. Hexdrinker should be purchased before or after Runaan's Hurricane. This item should be also consider building if the enemy has High AP burst damage. Due to Maw of Malmortius having the same passive as Phantom Dancer, replace Phantom Dancer with Rapid Firecannon as the 4th item. Add Guardian Angel or any other recommend item if you're purchasing Maw of Malmortius on the build path.

Berserker's Greaves

Ninja Tabi

Mercury's Treads
Berserker's Greaves is purchased 80% of the time. The high attack speed is very useful and can even be your first item to rush before buying Blade of the Ruined King. If not rushed, purchase Berserker's Greaves after purchasing Blade of the Ruined King.

Ninja Tabi comes in as a defensive boots against laners who can all in Neeko during laning phase such as Irelia, Camille, Jayce, and Kled. Purchasing Ninja Tabi also helps if the enemy has a full AD team.

Mercury's Treads comes in handy if the enemy team has a lot of CC (Crowd Control). Buy it too if the enemy has high AP.
Gameplay Back to Top

Early Game

Early Game is all about Bully Lane Dominance. Focus mainly on zoning your opponent from CSing and gaining experience. Keep your distance and don't over extend with your auto attacks due to minion aggro that can deal a lot of damage to you. Minion aggro can lead to bad trades in laning phase and your opponent can punish your mistake for it. Remember that Neeko wins in a lot of match ups in the top lane so focus also on getting plate golds. Ward whenever you get the chance since Top Neeko is very easy to gank. Push out your lane pre level 3 to help your jungler with scuttle at level 3. Always remember that Neeko can win in most 2v2s with Ignite so dont be afraid of 2v2ing with your jungler for the first blood or free kills.
Mid/Late Game
After Laning phase is over we head to the mid game where things get a little spicy with the damage. Just remember that AD Crit Neeko does scale into the late game. Focus on split pushing to create a lot of map pressure which helps your team get objectives and farm safely. while split pushing, try to focus on also taking the enemies jungle camps. AD Neeko is able to take jungle camps pretty fast with Blade of the Ruined King 8% current health passive. Place Vision around the enemy jungle while your split pushing to help your team with vision. Do not focus much on team fighting since AD Neeko is more better off split pushing. 20 - 30 minutes of the game, you should be having your 3 item power spike with Infinity Edge. this is when you deal a lot of damage to the squishies. Once you're full build, you can pretty much 1v1 almost anyone during the split push. Split push yourself to victory and remember to not get caught!
Conclusion Back to Top
Thank you everyone who took the time to read my first ever guide! I would really appreciate if you can check out my Twitch Channel anytime if you want to learn more about AD Crit Neeko. Please also remember that this is not a troll pick and can legitimately help you climb to the Goal Rank you're looking forward to.

League of Legends Build Guide Author lol Wero
lol Wero Neeko Guide
[10.21] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide
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