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Hecarim Build Guide by badeed

Jungle [10.22] Challenger badeed Rank 1 Hecarim NA Jg - Monkey pro

Jungle [10.22] Challenger badeed Rank 1 Hecarim NA Jg - Monkey pro

Updated on October 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author badeed Build Guide By badeed 384 20 849,939 Views 26 Comments
384 20 849,939 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author badeed Hecarim Build Guide By badeed Updated on October 30, 2020
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Runes: Phase Rush 90% of the time

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Best Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Win 49%
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Jungle Role Ranked #15 in
Jungle Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.22] Challenger badeed Rank 1 Hecarim NA Jg - Monkey pro

By badeed
Rank 1 Hecarim NA guide

PATCH 10.21 E Nerf

E Nerf everything else should be the same

PATCH 10.16 E Buff

E went from being 25%-75% movement speed to 25-100% movement speed this is a big as buff gets you more distance and more damage on E, not sure yet if it gives you more range! EDIT: been changed to 25-85%!

PATCH 10.13 Conq Nerf

With the new conq, phase rush becomes a more viable option. Phase rush already pretty good and was better than conq in most situations but now with the new conq nerf on patch 10.13 phase rush just seems like the more viable option

To get thee most out of this guide, watching the video clips help
Also comment what you would like to see explained or demonstrated
on Youtube
Guide will be updated Periodically!

I tested Phase Rush and its Really good on hecarim, i was skeptical at first but after winning so many games in D1-D2 elo, there was no doubt anymore.
Conqueror is still good but Phase Rush is better 90% of the time.

i got CHALLENGER playing phase rush hecarim

I got to Grandmaster playing Phase Rush Hecarim Mostly

Why is Phase Rush good?

It gives you a huge movement speed burst and slow reduction to keep your damage from passive. It Allows you to stick to people. It allows you to escape from sticky situations.
Conqueror is an all in fighting spell, in prolonged fights its good.
Phase Rush allows you to set eyees on a target and go for them, it will be hard to peel you unless with hard cc

Escaping with Phase Rush



if you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter @badeedNA or discord badeed#0001
Who am i?

i am badeed

i been playing league since pre-season 1. been playing hecarim since season 2.
i finished Challenger season 3 as a hecarim one trick.
Each season after that i been Master+. i am/was rank 1 skarner, rank 1 hecarim

First Clear

Red > Krugs > Raptors
Then look to gank if there is no gankable lane then go to Blue> Scuttle > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Krugs
The Build is very simple and almost the same for most game.


You start with Hunters Talisman + Refillable Potion.
On your first recall you are aiming for 2000g and buying Sheen + Skirmishes + Boots
if you die early or forced to recall early Buy Skirmishes

First Core Items

You First Item is Triforce You get the Sheen first then Phage Then its Situational. You either Save up to complete the triforce or finish boots depending on what you need. After Triforce you finish CinderHulk

You build Spirit Visige vs Heavy AP teams after cinderhulk or Omen if they have alot of AD and crit. If you dont have crit you build bramble vest into spirit visige

Ghost vs Ignite

Ghost is just so much better than ignite in most cases. Ghost allows you to duel people 1v1, chase people down, run away. it has multiple uses.

How to use Ghost correctly

There is many uses of ghost there is no wrong use except a panic use. You wanna E people and run ahead of them, in the path they will be taking, while autoing and Q'ing.

How to gank?

Ganking as hecarim is pretty easy, he is fast enough to avoid wards. so dont be scared or hesitant and just go for it.
You wanna push people back towards your allies/tower, you can do this by getting behind them at an angle. You want to Land your E and Press Q at the same time.
This video shows E flash bait. Watch it

Using Phase Rush to gank

To gank as hecarim in general you need to use E and knock enemies from the back or the side but ideally the back towards your tower/team. After that you need to walk in front of their path while autoing and Q'ing.
This Clip demonstrates that

When to go Conqueror
You go Conqueror when the enemy team is tanky or you might think the game will go to 30+ mins.

in the screenshot above, you see the enemy have Nautilus, Riven, Lee Sin and Diana. Those are 4 beefy people with shields. so the fights will go longer. Phase Rush here would be ok if ganking syndra and bot but you wont have the carry impact on the game later as the game goes on.

This game was a Phase Rush game, because they had Senna, Ekko, Aatrox, Thresh. They arent as tanky, they are squishies and build damage mostly. and kinda low mobility. was able to push senna towards team, force ekko to ulti early, he cant slow me.

TL;DR Many tanky champs + shields/heals = Conqueror
Match ups

Lee Sin Lee sin is quite easy to deal with, you can duel him level 3 with ghost. you have to dodge 1 Q tho and you win. You can predict his ganks, jump on him most of the time

Graves Also a ban but Graves is very annoying to deal with, you cant get him ahead, you need phase rush if he has phase rush. you can fight him early but not after that unless ahead

Elise Elise is very easy, you just have to engage on her, if you can dodge the stun do it. but most of the time you dont have to. if you land the E while being stunned. but if you are from a far she will get the upper hand

Zac -> Zac is easy you just invade him early game

Xin Zhao -> Xin is somewhat annoying, you can fight him all in but you have to dodge the knock up, run away while its on proc wait for it to fall off while keep Q'ing him. and also dodge the W if possible, watch his items if he has red smite you cant fight him.

Rengar -> Rengar is a who engages first wins, if you find rengar in the jungle engage on him. his spells are most likely down and you have the upper hand. if he he finds you and jumps on you, run if its even. unless you are ahead or have back up you wont be able to fight him. Engage on him in fights so we cant focus squishes

Khazix -> Khazix Early is weak even if you are isolated you can ghost E into him and kill him. if he has items he can 1v1 easily if isolated. Engage on him in fights so he cant do anything because you will be a bit tanky with armor if he has lethality make him use spells on you.

Trundle -> Trundle is a very hard match up, not as hard as olaf but one of the hardest, you can avoid him as much as you can and fight 2v2 only
What to do?

Early game

in the early game you need to look for ganks or picks whenever is possible. find the weakest lane and exploit it. Ex. Mf sona lane, camp them they are immobile. you can gank them multiple times without using anything. A gank using ghost, a gank using ulti make sure they die.
If there is nothing to gank, just power farm, and while looking for potential ganks. Like top just had a fight and they are low. estimate the situation and see if you can gank/clean up.
Look for early dragons once you have Red Smite + Long sword or sheen you can solo dragon

Mid Game

OBJECTIVES! that means control which means pressure which also means kills.
Look to control the objectives by getting picks. Look for an extended adc or a solo laner alone, if you have allies around you can pick them off with your Ulti into E towards your Team

Team Fighting as Hecarim

You either flank, or engage on their carries or squishes, you ulti behind them and push them towards your team with E if you are getting focused you try to run away, either towards your team or an escape path. if you arent being focused hard, you try to kill the carry you pushed
Tips and Tricks
Using Ultimate to dodge CC like Syndra E
Using E to go through thin walls

Baiting peoples flash by using E going behind them and getting closer to them but no hit them till they flash

Can gank from behind tower (Video soon)
What would you like to see in this guide?

Well what would you like to see in this guide? anything that could help please comment the suggestion. or DM ME questions on twitter @badeedNA or discord badeed#0001

i am badeed

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