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Yasuo Build Guide by Yatsume

Middle [10.24] Yatsume's Yasuo Guide

Middle [10.24] Yatsume's Yasuo Guide

Updated on November 24, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yatsume Build Guide By Yatsume 8 2 17,767 Views 0 Comments
8 2 17,767 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yatsume Yasuo Build Guide By Yatsume Updated on November 24, 2020
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Threats
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Welcome to my Yasuo guide! My name is Yatsume, and I'm a Platinum IV Mid main. I've been playing since season 5. I started playing Yasuo about a season after I started. I've loved playing him ever since. I try to play him as often as I can but he is banned quite a lot. I also stream at if you ever want to drop by.


Very rewarding when mastered

Very mobile

Great in teamfights and splitpushing

Snowballs really well

Hyperscales into lategame

Yasuo is a really good mid champion once mastered. His mobility with Sweeping Blade is great for dueling and teamfighting paired with his ultimate Last Breath. His passive Way of the Wanderer gives him a free shield, and gives you double crit from items. Wind Wall can shut down an enemy adc/ranged threat if placed right

Many bad matchups so first picking is risky


Difficult to master

Vulnerable to CC

Banned a lot

Yasuo has some really bad matchups like Malzahar Pantheon Renekton, so blindpicking him can be risky. He also has trouble against point and click CC like Nether Grasp Slice and Dice Aegis of Zeonia until you get Quicksilver Sash it can be difficult. Wind Wall also has a long CD early that can be punished.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Passive: Way of the Wanderer

Yasuo's Critical Strike Chance is doubled. Additionally, Yasuo builds toward a shield whenever he is moving. The shield triggers when he takes damage from a champion or monster.

Steel Tempest

Cooldown: 4
First and Second cast: Yasuo thrusts forward with his sword, dealing 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+1.0 per attack damage) physical damage to all enemies in a line. Successfully landing Steel Tempest grants Yasuo Gathering Storm stacks for 6 seconds.

Third Cast: The third stack of Gathering Storm causes Steel Tempest to send out a whirlwind that travels in a line of 900 range and sends all enemies caught Airborne. This whirlwind deals 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+1.0 per attack damage) physical damage to everyone hit.

If Yasuo casts Steel Tempest during Sweeping Blade, the ability strikes all enemies immediately around him, having a radius of 375 instead.

Steel Tempest can critically strike for 160% damage and apply on hit effects for the first target hit. The ability is also unaffected by cooldown reduction, instead, the cooldown and cast time is reduced by Yasuo's attack speed.

Wind Wall

Cooldown: 30 / 27 / 24 / 21 / 18
Active: Yasuo creates a wall of wind with a width of 300/350/400/450/500, that slowly drifts forward for 3,75 seconds. The wall blocks all enemy projectiles except tower hits.

Sweeping Blade

Cooldown: 0.5 / 0.4 / 0.3 / 0.2 / 0.1

Yasuo dashes a fixed distance through an enemy, dealing 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 (+60% of ability power) (+0.2 per bonus attack damage) magic damage and marking them briefly. If Yasuo uses Sweeping Blade multiple times in succession, the ability deals extra 25% base damage with a 50% bonus maximum. When Sweeping Blade is cast on a target, the target will get marked for 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds. Yasuo cannot use Sweeping Blade on an enemy that's already been marked.

Last Breath

Cooldown: 80 / 55 / 30

Yasuo gains maximum Flow, and teleports to a nearby Airborne enemy champion. Upon arrival, he suspends all airborne units within a 400-radius of his target in the air for 1 second while 200/300/400 (+1.5 per bonus attack damage) physical damage them. Once he lands, Yasuo gains 50% armor penetration on critical hits against his enemy's bonus armor for 15 seconds

Casting Last Breath will reset the chain on Steel Tempest.

  • Phantom Dancer 30% Attack Speed, 25% Critical Strike Chance, & 7% Movement Speed

    UNIQUE Passive: Spectral Waltz: For 2 seconds after basic attacking an enemy champion, you gain 7% movement speed and pass through units.

    UNIQUE Passive: Lifeline: If you would take damage that would reduce your health below 30%, gain a shield that absorbs up to 240-600 (scaling starts at level 9, ends at level 18) damage for 2 seconds (90 second cooldown). Again great for Yasuo due to the attack speed and his passive Way of the Wanderer doubling its Crit.
  • Infinity Edge 80 Attack Damage & 25% Critical Strike Chance

    UNIQUE Passive: Increases the damage of critical strikes by 25%. Pairs well with Way of the Wanderer with the extra critical strike damage and AD.
  • Death's Dance 30 Armor, 50 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown Reduction, & 30 Magic Resistance

    UNIQUE Passive: Instantly heal for 15% of all damage dealt, including physical damage, magic damage, and true damage. Area of Effect and Pet damage only heals 5% for every unit affected.

    UNIQUE Passive: Stores 30% of all post-mitigation physical and magic damage received, which is successively taken as damage over time true damage instead, dealing one-third of the stored damage every second. Ranged champions only store 20% of damage. It's great paired with Conqueror and it helps you survive as Yasuo during fights its my personal favorite as of recent instead of Bloodthirster
  • Guardian Angel 40 Armor & 40 Attack Damage

    UNIQUE Passive: Upon taking lethal damage, restore 50% of base health and 30% of maximum mana after 4 seconds of stasis (300 second cooldown).Great for if you need to dive in and are afraid of dying in teamfights
  • Frozen Mallet 30 Attack Damage & 700 Health

    UNIQUE Passive: Icy: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% (20% for ranged attacks) for 1.5 seconds. Good for sticking onto people and if you need to be just a little more tanky.
  • Mortal Reminder 45 Attack Damage

    UNIQUE Passive: Executioner: Physical damage inflicts Grievous Wounds on enemy champions for 5 seconds (Grievous Wounds reduces all healing received and regeneration rates by 40%).

    UNIQUE Passive: Last Whisper: +25% total armor penetration. Good against healing or armor stackers. If there is no healing I usually go Lord Dominik's Regards.
  • Mercurial Scimitar 50 Attack Damage, 10% Life Steal, & 35 Magic Resistance

    UNIQUE Active: Remove all crowd control debuffs from your champion and grants 50% movement speed for 1 second (90 second cooldown). Good if there is a lot of CC on the enemy team and you need to avoid it.
  • Bloodthirster 80 Attack Damage

    UNIQUE Passive: Your life steal overheals you, granting a bloody shield that absorbs up to 50 - 350 damage (based on champion level). This shield decays when out of combat for 25 seconds.

    UNIQUE Passive: +20% Lifesteal. I only build this usually if I don't need deaths dance or if I opt for going Sterak's Gage but it's not likely as that build doesn't go well with Phantom Dancer, as the shields don't stack from those 2 items.

Flash teleports your champion wherever your cursor is. Plus, it's a key summoner spell for every champion, except Yuumi. Can also make for some flashy plays with Sweeping Blade and Steel Tempest paired with Last Breath.

Ignite deals damage 70-410 true damage on a targeted enemy champion for 5 seconds, and applies grievous wounds, which reduces all healing received and regeneration rates by 40%. Ignite helps in teamfights, and with champions that heal like Dr. Mundo and Vladimir. This is the best spell to take on Yasuo. It gives him a lot of kill potential in the early laning phase. You can also use it in teamfights.

Exhaust slows down a targeted enemy champion for 30% of their movement speed, and reduces their damage by 40% for 2.5 seconds. Can take this into tough matchups if needed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Yatsume
Yatsume Yasuo Guide
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[10.24] Yatsume's Yasuo Guide

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