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Twisted Fate Build Guide by GODEFFO

Jungle [10.7] Twisted Fate Jungle |The strength of the Cards|

Jungle [10.7] Twisted Fate Jungle |The strength of the Cards|

Updated on April 13, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GODEFFO Build Guide By GODEFFO 16,430 Views 3 Comments
16,430 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GODEFFO Twisted Fate Build Guide By GODEFFO Updated on April 13, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order Skill Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.7] Twisted Fate Jungle |The strength of the Cards|

As Twisted Fate, from start to 3rd back, clears are very dangerous, and you are going to be under constant invade pressure without wards. Advise your team to ward river bushes constantly.

Clearpath always starts at the side where your bot-lane can assist you.

On Red Side(weak side): You will start Blue, Clearing full bot-side then Redbuff and Scutler, smiting Gromp and (by choice and HP) Red. Then Reset, get the base JG item and clear Raptors then check for mid-lane gank potential. If nothing comes up, clear Krugs, then reset, buy boots and pinks, clear topside, check for Scuttler, look for gank potential on top-side.

On Blue Side(Strong Side): Start Redbuff, then rotate to Blue, take Gromp, Wolfs and Top-side Scutler (Smiting Blue and Big Wolf). After this, reset, buy JG item, clear Raptors and check for mid gank or other Scuttler. If nothing is available, clear Krugs and look for bot-side LVL4.
If nothing else is doable, reset, get boots and start rotating Top-side.
General Playstyle
With This Build, you will NOT end up being TOP DMG
But you will win your team the game.

After Gunblade-Nashors, you can chunk down even tanky opponents with a few autos, so you will linger around the backline, hitting the enemy's frontline, or their mispositioned members. Locking up GoldCard is always good so that you can chain CC a target in a fight. Chasing for kills is never worth it because you will lose more by just time and by giving up resources.

The moment you lose tempo, you are losing. TF can hardly come back as he is, but in the jungle, you will leave your team in the trenches. Always focus on objectives your team can take, they invest 1for1 for Cloud Drake? Clear Topside and Take Herald with your toplaner while they are bot-side or resetting.

TF requires medium levels of game sense so that you can evaluate strategies based on in-game events. If your top-lane Quinn dies to Renekton LVL3, don't path constantly towards topside. Find which lane has the potential to carry fights or to take over the split push, and help them.

Also STAY AWAY FROM RANKED if you are first timing Twisted Fate. The character requires positional awareness, or else you will die to every laner you gank or every time you get chased.
Gold Card buffering and W manipulation
Twisted Fate's W (Pick a Card)could have its own course of guide, but if you have never heard of card frame rule, read this:
Reddit / Summoner School / Twisted Fate's W

A quick summary would be, that it takes roughly 1.5 seconds for a card to cycle on TF's W. The order of the cards are Red -> Gold -> Blue -> Red -> Gold -> Blue ... on an endless cycle until the cast timer ends.

If you pick your selected card at the early frames, you will be able to double-tap W and get the same card again, meaning back-to-back Red-Gold or Blue cards.
(I'm not a Riot DEV, it's just my own experience, feel free to try it in the practice tool, and don't forget to try it on different W ranks (1-5))

AutoAttack Buffering
AA Buffering is a method that all champions in league use. TF's is very effective because his Gold Card is like an auto attack.

Imagine you are chasing after an enemy and they are out of range. If you click on the ground (with the basic move command) and then flash, you will be in range, but there will be a time interval while you click on the enemy, the targeting register and the animation starts, during this time, if the enemy flashes away or else, they will not be stunned by the gold card.

Instead, click on the enemy as if you would Attack them, which will cause your champion to chase them (Be careful of your enemy running out of your vision, because then your champion will stop, and nothing will happen.)and then flash. What happens is the Auto Attack animation instantly starts, with no registry time or you clicking on the enemy, so it's much more difficult to dodge or to counter flash.

Also, keep in mind that TF's gold card is just like any other ranged Auto Attack. The further away you are from the target, the longer it takes the card to reach the targetted enemy. If you are 0.00001 units away from the target, the card will hit instantly, but if you are 500 units away, the duration will be exponentially longer.

To buffer a Gold Card for example:
press W -> select a Gold Card -> Click on Enemy -> Flash.
Ganking and LVL6 powerspike
Ganking with TF more often than not will end up with the enemy laner burning a flash in the process. If you can't secure a kill, play in a way that you will be able to come back for an easy kill. Keep summoner timers in mind, ping them, so you can view them in the chat log. Asserting pressure on lanes is very easy just by showing on the lane for a few seconds, or walking into a bush that is warded. What you are doing basically, is either freeing up your laner, so that they can play safely without worrying about getting ganked or pressuring the enemy laner into playing passive. If they are not reacting to you, the enemy jungler must be nearby, so get ready for a counter-gank.


One of TF's strongest points is that he can immediately assist his team, and possibly turning a gank from the enemy laner, into a kill for your side. If you see bot-lane getting ganked by the enemy jungler but your bot-lane is full HP with all summoners and ults, and you are in ult range, you might as well ult, if not even going there, just showing the enemy team, that you see what they're doing.

Using your Ultimate

TF's ultimate is very versatile when you are jungling. You can teleport to objectives (Dragon, Herald) to start it, while your team takes a tower, then rotates to you.

You can get a surprise gank, by teleporting behind your enemies, and locking down one of their key members, while your team is slowly making their ways towards you.

You can relieve pressure from a split pushing enemy so that your team can counter push on another lane, while you stop the enemy's split push.
When to pick TF Jungle?
Generally, you are looking for Squishy team comps, or team comps lacking disengage. Teams with combo potential are a big signal to stay away from picking TF, since if you can't accomplish locking down targets in fights because you die in one second, you are pretty much useless.

Comps to Pick TF into

Your Team
Be on the lookout for snowbally champions, if your ADC picked Jhin, Twitch, Vayne or Jinx, your top-laner Jax, Irelia or Renekton and your midl-aner has Syndra, Sylas, Ekko or else (in this category), it's a pretty good choice and situation to go TF.

Also keep in mind that a Tank Support always goes well with TF, such as Braum, Thresh, Nautilus or Alistar!

The Enemy team
Mainly Squishy enemy teams, teams running ADC TOPs or teams running full AD.
Also, teams which lack scaling are also a good setup for TF, since the longer the game goes the more utility TF can provide to the team.

Comps which you SHOULDN'T PICK TF INTO
Your Team
Teams with no frontline, ADC TOPs, DPS Supports or FullAD teams. TF can't bring the tank into your comp, so you are better off picking something else. Peal for TF is key, so if your top and support have already picked, and your team lacks it, don't pick him.

The Enemy Team
Assasins, dive comps, teams running multiple tanks or combo comps. As mentioned in the General PlaystyleAssasins and Combo Comps are the worst enemies of TF. If the enemy team can focus on you using little resources, don't bother picking him. The whole question boils down to equalizing the fact that you died. They used 2 ults and an ignite to kill you is worth, but if the Enemy team has Zed into your control mage, he will probably just ult you anyways in fights(Same with other assassins, Zed is just for the example.)
League of Legends Build Guide Author GODEFFO
GODEFFO Twisted Fate Guide
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[10.7] Twisted Fate Jungle |The strength of the Cards|

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