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Ashe Build Guide by unhben

Support [11.10] Ashe's Amazing Arrows

Support [11.10] Ashe's Amazing Arrows

Updated on May 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben Build Guide By unhben 11,910 Views 0 Comments
11,910 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben Ashe Build Guide By unhben Updated on May 24, 2021
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Runes: Arcane Comet

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[11.10] Ashe's Amazing Arrows

By unhben
Who am I?
Hey! My name is bembo and im a gold support player :3

My goal here is to make unreasonable guides that sorta make sense and have super low chances of actually working but sometimes I make actual guides that do work for real champion picks in the support role!

Today I have decided to grace you all with some of "Ashe's Awesome Arrows"!

If you have any questions or concerns about the build or written guide, or maybe even some suggestions on how to improve the build, just let me know in the discussion section! (or let me know if you want an in depth guide on another funny support build hehe...)
Why Ashe?
Ashe is a great provider of vision, crowd control, and constant damage output. Volley increases in damage, size, and reduced cooldown throughout the game and is a fantastic tool to keep enemy champions at bay during teamfights or skirmishes, and paired with an Imperial Mandate it helps increase the mixed damage ashe will deal as well as help your teammates burst more champions down. Another fantastic tid bit about Ashe support is her ability to constantly be launching Enchanted Crystal Arrow off cooldown, sometimes more than 2 times a fight depending on how long it goes.

Once you get closer to full build on Ashe, her damage becomes more widespread between physical and magic damage which makes it harder for the enemy team to defensively itemize against her kit.
Building your items on Ashe is a little more out there than it seems. Since the new item rework for season 11, playing Ashe as a support has thrown her build path into a bit of a loop.

Ashe's mythic item of choice in the support role is going to be Imperial Mandate! Its passive that applies magic damage to targets who are cc'd, and the procs again once enemies hit them with an attack or ability helps bring Ashe's whole kit to life. Volley, Ashe's W, is her main way of applying this debuff/damage. The end goal of the build is to have enough haste to launch a Volley at the enemy team every 1.5-2 seconds.

Somewhere before or after you complete your Imperial Mandate, you should and in most situations need to pick up a Tear of the Goddess for mana sustain. This build is incredibly mana hungry and if youre not paying attention to your little blue bar it could go grey. Slowly start building this item up into a Manamune in hopes for it to become a Muramana at full stacks. Muramana's extra haste, AD, damaging passive, and mana pool make it a cheap must have item on Ashe support.

Next up in your build you should try to stack ability haste with some more items that provide debuffs or extra utility to your kit like Umbral Glaive or Chempunk Chainsword. Another item, though not as cheap, is Black Cleaver! This item is perfect for trying to shred through some tanks and gives Ashe a healthy dosage of damage, haste, and a debuffing ability. If youre in the mood for the slightly more expensive version that deosnt need to stack, you can grab a Serylda's Grudge from the itemshop. The armor penetration, haste, and slow on abilities makes it a perfect item for an Ashe that wants to poke and slowly widdle away at her enemies.

If youre in the mood to bump up your mixed damaging abilities you should grab either a Demonic Embrace or a Horizon Focus! The % burn damage on your W helps to deal with enemies that have lots of armor but no magic resist, meaning that your potential full AD comp just got a new mage! Next is a Horizon Focus which procs on both Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow providing Ashe with even more extra solo damage for slowing or immobilizing enemy champions. All this ability power also helps make Enchanted Crystal Arrow hit even harder when launching it down lane to start a fight.

Besides those items, other situational items are also strong on Ashe! Serpent's Fang is going to be a fantastic item on Ashe for the 11.11 patch update since the shield reduction on ranged characters is going from 25% to 35%. This means that rushing this item second or even first depending on the enemy support could really be worth your time like fighting a Karma who can mantra shield her whole team, or even a Seraphine and her team wide W shield. Another great option for lethality and mobility is Youmuu's Ghostblade. The raw damage and lethality to pound squishy champions is great to spam with her Volley, as well as giving you a bit of ability haste. If you just need some more ability haste, a Stirring Wardstone is always a solid pickup for supports since you'll hope to turn it into a Vigilant Wardstone by level 13 or 14.
This one is pretty straight forward. The Arcane Comet rune page is the absolute best rune page on Ashe. It gives her extra damage on her poke, more mana from Manaflow Band, Transcendence helps with ability cooldowns, and if you can wait out the game long enough Gathering Storm will turn you into a monster of a champion. Along with the power youre gaining from your sorcery runes, the domination page also comes in clutch giving you more damage to the enemies you've cc'd with Cheap Shot, and lowering your Enchanted Crystal Arrow cooldown to a lot lower than it already would be with Ultimate Hunter.

Now about the cursed rune page...

If you know you are going to 100,000,000% smash your laning phase, or maybe youre playing with a Senna and farming it up, you can take the Conqueror rune page. Slowly stacking your damage with Conqueror is great during extended teamfights, and can provide some okay healing once fully stacked which should take about 6 Volley's with no auto attacks. Presence of Mind pairs great with Ashe's mana hungry hit and gives her the mana sustain she needs before she gets access to a fully stacked Manamune. Alacrity will give her some attack speed which is sorta nice but doesnt matter much since you shouldnt be auto attacking if you can fire your Volley at someone. Finally is Coup de Grace which should benefit you greatly with all your poke supposedly keeping the enemy champions nice and low health during or before teamfights. Manaflow Band and Transcendence are sort of insurance policies for the rune page so it doesnt fall apart.
Ashe support's playstyle is going to be very poke focused, sort of like playing Jayce or a weird AD Zoe. Your main goal when playing Ashe support is to peel and poke in your teams backline. You are the ultimate form of harass and cc during teamfights.

Early game you are really just trying to get out of lane. Make sure to hold your Hawkshot unless you suspect youre going to get ganked, until then save it for early objectives like drakes or rift herald if your top/mid are winning and want to push. If the enemy team is playing too cocky, just wait until level 6 and fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at them in hopes of a quick pick somewhere on the map.

Once you near the mid to late game, you just want to stack haste and control the map with Hawkshot and vision denial from Umbral Glaive if you got one. Make sure to not always go for kobe plays with your ult until its a super low cooldown because its the 2nd most important part of your kit during fights. If you want to open a fight from base down mid or something than thats fine and you can totally just launch it while you walk down. Make sure youre playing the funny off angles and arent sitting on your team. You want to be safe but cause a distraction and apply Imperial Mandate constantly without interruption during fights and skirmishes.
League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben
unhben Ashe Guide
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[11.10] Ashe's Amazing Arrows

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