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Fiora Build Guide by deathwalker7119

Top [11.12] In-depth Season 11 Fiora Guide (Updated daily)

Top [11.12] In-depth Season 11 Fiora Guide (Updated daily)

Updated on June 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathwalker7119 Build Guide By deathwalker7119 13 2 16,205 Views 2 Comments
13 2 16,205 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author deathwalker7119 Fiora Build Guide By deathwalker7119 Updated on June 11, 2021
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Runes: Main page

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Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Main spell setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.12] In-depth Season 11 Fiora Guide (Updated daily)

By deathwalker7119

COME FOLLOW ME! I play mostly Black Desert Online and League! :) I don't stream much, but if you guys want to see me play just ask in the discussion page of the guide :)
Why play Fiora?
If you enjoy split pushing, dueling, and 1 shotting tanks with true damage, then you'll love Fiora. Fiora is an excellent split pusher, made to 1v1 the enemy top laner with huge amounts of late game true damage. She has been my main champion of choice as a 1v9 carry top for a long time now. Fiora does have an overall weak team fight, but you can still 1 shot carries with flash and good mechanics. Fiora is a hard champion, with a high skill floor and an even higher skill ceiling. At first she will be hard to play, but as you get used to her you will be able to carry games with your lead.
How to play Fiora overall
We can break the game down into 3 separate categories. Early-game, mid-game, and late-game. In the early-game as Fiora, you need to be looking to solo kill or at least get a lead on your enemy laner in some sort of way (in some matchups this just isn't possible though). However, if you don't feel comfortable getting a lead, don't force fights you don't have to take, you will out-scale almost all champions and just win by not inting the game. In mid-game you should look to split a little bit, but mostly go for the important OBJs (dragons and rift herald). Late-game Fiora excels, as a hard scaling duelist. You should look to be hard-core splitting and 1v1ing/2v1ing anyone you come across. You can even look to dive 1v1 if you played the rest of the game right. You are known as a pressure sponge for a reason, split to win while your team goes for Objectives (they can only stop one of you from accomplishing your goal).
Fiora's abilities
Each and every one of Fiora's abilities is very important to playing her successfully. The chapters below have in-depth explanations for each of them.
Fiora's passive (Duelist's Dance)
Fiora's passive is what all her abilities play around. You can use auto attacks, your Q, or your riposte to proc them. The vitals heal you, give you free MS, and deal a lot of true damage (especially late game). You need to be playing around these ALWAYS (otherwise you will be 100% useless). Fiora's vitals aren't completely RNG like some may believe, There are two different "types" of vitals. Type 1 is the vital that spawns facing North or East, once you break this vital it will become either of the Type 2 vitals. The Type 2 vitals are the South and West vital. Fiora's vitals will always alternate between these two types, North can never be an East vital and South can never be a West vital (and vice versa.)
Fiora Q (Lunge)
Fiora's Q is the bread and butter of her kit. It lets you proc vitals for your ult, for general trading, and for poking in lane. Your Q will outrange melee-range auto attacks if used at max range. This is excellent in top lane as most champions are melee and it lets you poke vitals for MS, healing, and true damage. You can also use your Q to dodge important abilities of champs, like dodging a Sion Q by Qing to a side vital.
Fiora W (Riposte)
This ability is why Fiora is so hated and is also what she is known for. You can parry ANY ability to cancel the damage, debuffs, and CC (And if you riposte CC it will actually stun them instead). This doesn't mean parrying a morgana Q will root the enemy for just as long, it will always stun for two seconds regardless of what you parry. This ability is an extremely long CD and you must play around that CD. The enemy will look to all-in you when it is on CD so don't waste it! You can use it to snipe vitals for kills or poke in lane. This ability can also be used while you are dashing with Q to dash into CC and parry it. You shouldn't always be parrying CC, you want to usually parry the highest damaging ability the enemy has (but sometimes parrying the CC is the right move).
Fiora E (Bladework)
Fiora's E is super important for your ult. Since Fiora's base attack speed is so low, you need to be using your E to auto reset on vitals. Your 2nd E AA will always crit for extra damage. Your E also slows people, so use it to stick on top of people and run them down.
Fiora R (Grand Challenge)
Fiora's R is one of the best out-play tools in the game. You can use it to quickly heal to full health even if you are literally 2 hp. You need to sit in practice tool and practice getting fast full ult proc times. You need to be using your Qs, and aoe damage like stride to proc vitals faster. Your E is very important to Auto Reset for the vitals. In teamfights, you need to proc it fast since it will heal your whole team an insane amount. You Should be ulting at the beginning of 1v1s so you can proc it before death, and in team fights you should ult any carries or a super big unkillable tank (Fiora is an anti-tank champion like vayne since she does % max hp true damage).
The matchups section in this guide is extremely in-depth and will help you win lane more often. Please check it out if you want to master Fiora, as learning how to 1v1 the enemy top is half of the champion. Also, please up-vote the guide so more people see it!

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