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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kog'Maw Build Guide by DoublefeedOP

ADC [11.12] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide!

ADC [11.12] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide!

Updated on June 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoublefeedOP Build Guide By DoublefeedOP 159 4 643,829 Views 10 Comments
159 4 643,829 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DoublefeedOP Kog'Maw Build Guide By DoublefeedOP Updated on June 22, 2021
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Flash Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[11.12] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide!

By DoublefeedOP
Hello! Welcome to my Kog'Maw guide! My name is DoubleFeedOP and I'm currently a Diamond 1 ADC Player who has officially completed their first full season! I peaked at Grandmasters 74 LP During Season 10 and strive to make a conscious effort of furthering myself and my fellow ADC community. I stream on Twitch so be sure to stop by if you have any questions or leave a comment on my guide and I'll be sure to respond to you as fast as possible!
What makes me qualified to write this guide? I've played countless hours of Kog'Maw since his release and think that there's a demand for new Kog'Maw guides and I'm here to provide them for you! I hope that you enjoy my guide and that it furthers your Kog'Maw gameplay. Rageblade's rework has created a ton of potential for new Kog'Maw players looking to take advantage of that sweet on-hit crit transfer.
Guide Details
x Intro
x Closing
x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Tips & Tricks

x Summoner spells
x Runes
x Items
x Gameplay
x Strategy

+ One of the highest DPS out of any ADC
+ An artillery tank
+ Combined with a Lulu, you can run down an entire team.
+ Easy to master, simple playstyle.
+ Synergizes very well with enchantress supports that can buff him up.
+ Can help you learn how to better position as an ADC.

Kog'Maw is one of my favorite champions in League of Legends. I remember when my friend used to take his Icathian Surprise to another level and run it down and kill the enemy. Not only do you have this, but you have a massive steroid coming from Bio-Arcane Barrage and an armor shredder Caustic Spittle. On top of all of that, you can spam Living Artillery to unleash hell and secure kills. He's one of the hardest scalers into the late game and can single handedly carry games because of his ability to self-peel and delete the enemy team if left unchecked for too long.
- Very weak early game
- Components cost a lot of gold so it takes a while to come online
- Has no dash, making it easy to get CC'd and caught out
- AD Assassins are top of the meta right now, leaving Kog'Maw very vulnerable.
- Positioning can be tricky to master
- Doesn't synergize well with supports other than enchantress supports because of the need to have a dedicated steroid/peeler.

Kog'Maw is in a pretty interesting spot at the moment. Season 11 is the rise of the AD Assassins at the moment and he is vulnerable as he doesn't build Galeforce. What you need to look out for when positioning is any possible way that you can be engaged on. Your range is massive, so be sure to take advantage of that with your Bio-Arcane Barrage and shred carries while sticking to your team. The idea is that your team peels for you while you shred because of your insane DPS. When drafting, look to avoid picking Kog'Maw when you are faced up against a team comp that is all-in/assassin heavy because they will easily shut you down and if you fall behind, it'll only take longer until you become remotely close to online.



















Icathian Surprise A way to finish off kills if you have close calls The beauty of Kog'Maw comes in the beauty of hit kit. Since it's simple, all you have to worry about is your execution. Icathian Surprise is a pretty underwhelming passive, but Kog'Maw makes up for it with his other abilities. You can use Icathian Surprise to finish off kills or burn enemy flashes, making it decent, but overall a pretty bad passive compared to a champion like Samira.
Caustic Spittle Your main form of self peel Caustic spittle is a pretty simple ability. When you begin a fight, use it on the enemy to decrease the enemies armor and magic resist. Usually I'll start fights with my Caustic Spittle and start running at them with my Bio-Arcane Barrage. It has a pretty large hitbox for a self peel skillshot so you should have no trouble landing this. If you can't land Caustic Spittle, either forget about the fight in the early game or be ready to do much less damage than you could be doing.
Bio-Arcane Barrage This makes you into the ADC god of the rift With this ability not only do you become a living artillery cannon, but it gives you max health damage. The way you use this is after you land your Caustic Spittle, you use your Bio-Arcane Barrage and begin to shred the enemy team. That's the beauty of Kog'Maw, he has very linear abilities so you can focus on other aspects of your gameplay.
Void ooze Don't let your enemies get away with this ability. This is an ability that you'll mostly use if you're in laning phase or if you're playing AP Kog'Maw. Just use this as an addition to help you kite if need be.
Living Artillery Fire from the skies to defeat your enemiesThis ability helps you finish off those kills or add on to the already ridiculous DPS your Bio-Arcane Barrage enables you to have. Be sure to keep in mind that its mana costs scale exponentially so don't waste all of your mana on that 6th shot.

FLASH: Flash is a staple for any ADC player. You're going to want to use Flash to get away or dodge skillshots/position better for teamfights.
HEAL: Use this when you need that extra boost of movement speed to get away/ chase an enemy because you're taking Nimbus Cloak for the extra boost when using summoners spells or when you need that small boost of health that can save you or your allies. Just keep in mind that taking multiple heals DO NOT STACK because of the grievous applied to yourself when casting multiple heals.
EXHAUST: Exhaust is only taken in very situational circumstances such as if you're against an enemy Kha'Zix or Kayn. Be sure to abuse the fact that if you use Exhaust, you should easily be able to run down enemy ADC's but keep in mind that you'll have to get uncomfortably close to able to do so. Most of the time, this summoner spell is only used when you're up against an ADC like Samira that has to get up close to you anyway to be able to do damage.
CLEANSE: Take cleanse when you're up against heavy CC comps such as Ashe Leona or Caitlyn Nautilus. You won't be able to kite if you can't do anything so make sure that you take that extra precaution with Cleanse. BARRIER: Use barrier when you have an ardent support that can take advantage of the Revitalize secondary rune and provide you with a safer laning phase such as a Soraka or a Yuumi.
PRECISION Keystone: Lethal Tempo
// With all of the damage steroids that Kog'Maw's kit provides, Lethal Tempo allows you to get your Phantom Dancer damage spike that much faster and shred your targets with ease. Lethal Tempo is especially strong with ADC's that have enchantress supports primarily because of their self peel element.
Q: Is this the best set-up for Kog'Maw?
// You could argue that Press the Attack or Conqueror are solid options for Kog'Maw. The reason that you'd take Lethal Tempo over these options is because Press the Attack will proc after 3 autos and shred but won't allow you to hit that attack speed requirement that Lethal Tempo allows you. With Lethal Tempo, you can shred entire enemy teams because of your self peel components, so what is the need for Press the Attack? You get a ridiculous amount of DPS just having Lethal Tempo that Press the Attack only realistically works on ADC's like Miss Fortune. For Conqueror, Lethal Tempo should enable you to carry whilst Conqueror is primarily used if you need to get upfront and personal with low range ADCs or Ezreal that easily gets all 5 stacks because of his ability based kit.

Presence of Mind
The reason that you go Presence of Mind is because if you think about it, how many times have you survived because of having a few extra hp instead of running out of mana? It's been proven that you run out of mana much more often than having those low hp situations as an ADC and it helps you later keeping up with the mana drain your Living Artillery causes. Triumph is an alternative but the missing hp heal isn't nearly as good as the mana regen you get from Presence of Mind.

Legend: Alacrity
The reason you go Legend: Alacrity over Legend: Bloodline is because of how reliant Kog'Maw is to getting on-hit attack speed based DPS off. You won't really be in the position to have to lifesteal to full anyway so Legend: Alacrity is just better.

Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace is great because it helps you peel low HP targets and finish out fights. An alternative would be Cut Down if you're trying to start Cull but most of the time you'll start Doran's Blade so Coup de Grace is the preferred rune.
SECONDARY RUNES Nimbus Cloak helps you chase and disengage from skirmishes and teamfights.

Gathering Storm helps you scale into the late game monster you'll be later on
Thank you for reading my guide! This is all a WIP as the season progresses I will be sure to update this guide. Thank you and I hope I helped you win your next League of Legends game on your climb to Challenger! I'm really excited to have the opportunity to take my knowledge and put it on a platform that other newer players can further their gameplay with. Kog'Maw will always be one of those champions that have a place in my heart.

Feel free to check out my Twitch and stop by to chat anytime!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoublefeedOP
DoublefeedOP Kog'Maw Guide
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[11.12] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide!

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