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Rengar Build Guide by SavagePridestalker

Top [11.14] Master's SavagePridestalker Tank Rengar TOP guide

Top [11.14] Master's SavagePridestalker Tank Rengar TOP guide

Updated on July 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SavagePridestalker Build Guide By SavagePridestalker 18 1 41,875 Views 1 Comments
18 1 41,875 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SavagePridestalker Rengar Build Guide By SavagePridestalker Updated on July 11, 2021
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Runes: Grasp+Sorcery

Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.14] Master's SavagePridestalker Tank Rengar TOP guide

By SavagePridestalker
About me
Hi guys, my name is SavagePridestalker. I'm an EUW Master tier Rengar toplane onetrick. My peak is currently 192LP. I've been playing Rengar for 5 seasons now and I have around 1.5 million points on all of my accounts combined. In this guide, I'll be showing you my tank Rengar build, which I sort of came up with and that I've been trying to improve by practicing it.

I also Stream on Twitch , so if you want to, I'll be glad if you visit me!
Why tank Rengar?
That is a really good question. When I was playing soloQ I noticed that most of my opponents were playing full AD quite often, so I decided to make tank Rengar an actual build, not something I do once a week. I found out that it's fairly strong on lane into almost all bruisers, has great 1v1 potential against everything that is AD heavy, and combined with your W and empowered W it makes you insanely tanky, if you can time them correctly.
When is tank Rengar a good choice?
Tank Rengar isn't something you can play every game, I think it's quite niche and you need at least one of few specific conditions.

One condition is that the enemy team is built entirely around one source of damage, either physical or magic. If that happens, tank Rengar will be almost unkillable and it will usually mean a victory if you manage to get to 3 items.

Next condition is that your team has way too much damage and you have no tanks. If your team for some reason drafts, for example, Graves, Zed, Caitlyn and Yuumi. If this happens, your team has no tanks whatsoever AND you also have way too much physical damage. In this team comp you go tank Rengar, you build Zhonya 3rd and you will be very tanky due to your build AND you will also dish out some nice magic damage, punishing the enemy team if they decide to go full armor.

The last condition is that you just want to play on autopilot (don't recommend!) and don't feel like playing to the max. Tank Rengar is much easier to pull off than AD/AP Rengar, you can afford to do a lot more mistakes and you won't get punished as hard. Laning is also pretty easy, Dshield+Grasp will make almost every lane easy to play.
Basic guide how to play during lane
Your laning phase is one of the most important parts about Rengar, even if you're going for a tank build. You want to start fairly safe, stack up your ferocity and play with it. The First 5 levels are super good for you and you should beat almost any matchup you get. You want to abuse your grasp as much as you can because the damage from it is really big in the early game and every proc gives you extra 5 permanent HP. Try sitting in bushes and jumping your opponent whenever they walk up (if the situation allows you to). I personally like having 4 stacks and just jumping over and over again to proc grasp, without using the stacks (unless I need to). Once you get your first recall, you should be hard winning most lanes, because you are way too tanky and deal too much damage compared to your opponents. Try stacking the wave and then either rotating to force a fight somewhere or carefully get a plate. You can also look for scuttle crabs in the river.
Basic guide how to play teamfights
In teamfights you want to be the first one in, last one out. As tank Rengar, you want to be the one who engages. Jumping into 5 people is not a problem for you (but make sure your team is close and that they'll follow you!). You want to get in, eat up as much damage as you can, heal most of it away with your double W, then kite into a bush and jump again to do the same thing. If you are ahead enough, you'll be quite a problem, because you can still kill the enemy ADC quite easily, so they have to waste a lot of time and spells to get you away from them. Meanwhile, your team can demolish the enemy team because they are too busy trying to kill you and peel their ADC.

The most important part of teamfights is W usage (you need to heal as much as you can) and good stack generation. You have to be aware of how many stacks you have and enemy spells (so you can empW a big stun, for example). Don't be afraid of dying in teamfights, you aren't an assassin Rengar, it doesn't matter if you die 6 times in a game. Your role is to be a meatshield, so be prepared to die from time to time for your team, so you can easily win the game by just being ego-less and knowing the right play!
Items explanation
- Zhonya's Hourglass - A very strong 2nd or 3rd item pickup. The bonus AP will make your double W much stronger than they usually are. Your waveclear will also be great, clearing almost the entire wave with just two W. I personally like this item if my team is AD heavy and we need some magic damage. It also works very well against Plated Steelcaps etc. I find my games where I go Zhonya's my damage is almost evenly split, making me pretty good into both Armor and MR. The stasis effect is also super good (depending on how you use it). It can help you dodge big spells like Ezreal R or Karthus R, thus making you even tankier.

- Abyssal Mask - A very rare pickup that I almost never build. I rarely meet AP team comps that require me to have another MR item after Spirit Visage. The passive is also fairly useless on you since you have only one form of heavy CC. I personally haven't built this item on Rengar yet, but if I was against 4 AP champions, I think it would be a good choice.

- Thornmail - A very rare pickup, I tend not to go for the full item, because there isn't anything extra that Bramble doesn't provide. The Grievous Wounds is still 40% unless you root them with your E, thus making the buy not that good. I only finish Thornmail as my 4th or 5th item.

- Randuin's Omen - Super good item into multiple crit Champions (like Jhin+Yasuo). I think this item isn't very good if the enemy team doesn't have crit users, so I rarely build it.

- Guardian Angel - A must-have if you are always diving into the enemy team comp to tank all of their spells. The bonus armor makes you a little bit tankier and the passive is super good if your enemies actually manage to bring you down. Respawning with 50% of your maximum health will basically give you another HP bar, while your cooldowns come up and you can wreak havoc again.

- Spirit Visage - If the enemy team has an Ability Power champion, this item is a must-have. One of the few tanky MR items that still exist in the game, while also being extremely good on Rengar, due to the passive that increases healing. If you have this, your W heals will be 25% stronger, making you heal more than you take (if the enemy team has no GW).

- Deadman's Plate - one of my favorite pickups on tank Rengar. The Armor+HP makes you feel very safe while also making you very fast due to the 5%MS and the bonus passive. If you have this item+boots, you will have around 460MS, allowing you to sprint around the entire map and being everywhere faster than your enemy.

- Force of Nature - Another MR item, unfortunately much weaker than Spirit Visage. The gold efficiency on this item is very bad and I'd only consider buying it if the enemy team had 3+ AP champions.

- Warmog's Armor - With the recent 11.11 buff this item is much better than it was. If you manage to get a few Grasp procs, buy Dshield and a Ruby Crystal, your Warmog will already be pumping you with HP. This item will make every trade you make a good trade because in just a few seconds you will be back to full. It's a strong 1st item pickup if all you need is HP and not armor.

- Cosmic Drive - A very rare pickup, compared to the Zhonya's Hourglass. Cosmic Drive is very good if your team needs more AP damage and you don't need any extra tankiness, due to the enemy team being too behind/too low on damage. I only buy Cosmic if I already have Zhonya's Hourglass. Cosmic alone is very bad because you can't utilize the passive. If, however, you have Zhonya and you get Cosmic as well (4th or 5th item), you will get a massive damage+haste boost, allowing you to deal twice as much damage and get more HP back due to your W being on a very low CD.

- Sterak's Gage - A massive item if your game plan is to just jump into the enemy team and soak up damage. It gives you a good amount of health, some nice AD, and a massive shield that will allow you to tank extra 1k-2k damage. If you prefer a more damage-oriented tank, this item is great for you.

- Black Cleaver - With the recent 11.11 buff this item is extremely good if you have an ADC or an AD midlaner that is doing very well AND the enemy team has a tank. Black Cleaver takes quite a while to stack, but once you stack it, you'll reduce the opponents armor by 30%, which is quite a lot, if it's a tank. I personally don't build this, because it has no effect on Rengar, but only helps your teammates (since you max W and don't do much AD damage), but in the case mentioned before it can be very valuable.

- Death's Dance - A fairly good pickup if you prefer being a more damage-oriented tank AND the enemy team is almost full AD. The passive makes this item a really strong pickup into AD comps. The heals are also very strong if you manage to chain up multiple takedowns. I personally don't build this with my tank Rengar, but it certainly has its highlights.

- Gargoyle Stoneplate - Basically another HP bar. If you have multiple tank items and you pop Gargoyle Stoneplate, you will get around 2000 shield, which can tank up some serious damage from the enemy team. The double resists are also great if the enemy team has both physical and magic damage.

- Titanic Hydra - A really good item if you prefer playing a more AD-oriented tank. If you have 2 tank items and you buy Titanic, you will get a massive AD boost, due to the passive (combining with your passive as well), giving you around 80AD. I personally am not a big fan of this item, but it definitely can be good if your team is lacking damage and you want to be more dangerous.

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