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Anivia Build Guide by DJ_Y4SSIN

[11.4] Challenger Anivia guide DJ Y4ssin - Fundamentals for

[11.4] Challenger Anivia guide DJ Y4ssin - Fundamentals for

Updated on March 1, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ_Y4SSIN Build Guide By DJ_Y4SSIN 21 5 11,662 Views 0 Comments
21 5 11,662 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ_Y4SSIN Anivia Build Guide By DJ_Y4SSIN Updated on March 1, 2021
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Runes: Takedown time

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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.4] Challenger Anivia guide DJ Y4ssin - Fundamentals for


Anivia? Anivia!

I would like to thank Freeze for making me interested in Anivia when I watched him play some Twisted Treeline I think in late season 6 or early season 7.

My names Y***in, and I'm currently a Challenger Anivia main on NA:
I first started as a jungle main, then an adc main, then a Zed/Jhin player, and then finally Anivia in season 7, peaking challenger from diamond 5 within a couple of months. I also play some lux now but that is because I get banned out maybe half the time, and instead of dodging a second time I play her.

Hopefully this guide helps, and that you learn a lot about how to climb with Anivia to masters+, or wherever that brings you :D

Anivia is an ice bird that has lots of immobilizations and can dish out a ridiculous amount of damage in this meta. It has come to my attention that a player has even reached rank 1 named Bohe Huya, using this Anivia build. Although everything won't be perfect and similar to his playstyle, it is definitely near it and I will explain to you how I achieved Challenger with just under a 60% winrate in NA solo queue abusing this build.

This build doesn't go that in-depth, however I will be going over the main fundamentals that'll get you like, masters+ in NA solo queue or so.

In my opinion, playing Anivia is sort of cheating some of your lp. I find that this champion is a bit toxic and makes things easier for you, allowing you to forget parts of the game and focus on other things. For example, there are lots of points in the game where you don't have to worry about wave management and can instead wave clear very fast safely and head straight to other things, whether that be stealing your jungler's raptors, wolves, crab, blue, dragon, etc.
Summoner Spells


Yeah take this every game, I don't think it is ever worth to swap this out with ghost or something. Strongest summoner on Anivia I think.


This is way better on Anivia now due to the changes and way you can itemize, you can interact with a lot more midlaners a lot better, and even kill them. I actually take ignite more often compared to Teleport now due to the kills you can pickup pre-6.


Teleport is also useful and should be taken against champions you can't exactly kill or get to early game. Azir, Xerath, Ziggs, Those kinds of champions that poke you out of lane.


This item is so broken what the hell lmao. The recent Everfrost buff makes this item so good for a champ like anivia because a lot of the time when you're casting a combo, after the combo you are usually in range to just everfrost to enable another enhanced E and most likely a kill. The fact that you can even itemize kindlegem early now with it is insane. This item is the best.


This item is also broken with Everfrost. Free 15ap from mythic passive and you don't die often, so at 10 stacks this item is one of the best items you can get on anivia due to the extra movement it provides. You don't even need many stacks. If you're 0/0/0 at 15-20 minutes into the game, its still worth to upgrade dark seal into a Mejai. Dark seal alone is also very good if you know you can pickup free takedowns.


Just picking up the belt alone is helpful. Sitting on it is completely fine and you can opt for other items before upgrading it into abyssal mask/demonic embrace. You, at the time, may need raw ap, so Horizon Focus would be a great next choice. You may need magic pen, so void staff would be a next great choice. You may even are against Tristana/Lucian, so RANDUINS would be a great choice.


This item is ridiculous this patch, even after the nerfs this is a really good legendary to purchase on anivia due to how problematic you become when enemies think "oh she has zhonyas, if I go in she can full combo and stall with zhonyas whilst I'm standing in her R until her E comes back up, and I would be dead afterwards."
The item is especially good vs a champion like lucian or Zed. It would be smart to purchase a kindlegem and seeker's before everfrost when facing champions like this, later on upgrading into a zhonya's after you upgrade your mythic item.


I don't generally like upgrading to this item, I usually like to sit on the orb and upgrade to Morellos maybe last, but maybe half the time you don't actually need the anti-healing. I would rather reccommend purchasing an item like Horizon Focus before upgrading the orb into Morellonomicon. A lot of the time, your teamates also have anti-healing so you may not even need to purchase it.

Horizon Focus

This item I am still testing, however it seems like a fantastic alternative to Deathcap. It is 800 gold cheaper, and although not the same in power, it could be very useful since Anivia always immobilizes someone and instantly applies the damage bonus, as well as the free vision for 6 seconds. That vision can sometimes be helpful when you need that remaining 6 seconds after they enter fog of war.


Usually when you get this instead of Everfrost, you're doing some sort of tank-killing build against people itemizing lots of hp. I would do this against a team that has like Galio, Leona, and some hp building toplaner and I would also get demonic embrace, ionian boots, and void staff perhaps immediately after. I would also reccommend taking the phase rush build instead of electrocute here too, as you want to dance around these champions and move fast in fights after combos, as well as the runes you take in these paths are generally better than the runes in domination. You change your playstyle somewhat, as well as how you interact in a fight.
Anivia's Kit
P - Rebirth
As dumb as it sounds, you can use your egg very well sometimes. The way you itemize allows you to have such a juicy second health bar, enabling a high chance for you to rebirth with some health, most likely snowballing into a kill or 2, or even egging on purpose by a small poke by orianna under your tower to stay in lane. Sometimes, you'll have no passive since you'll get ganged up on though

Q - Flash Frost
This ability has a lot more value than people think. Just holding this ability and using everything else (everfrost, ult and wall) is enough a lot of the time and using this as a last resort defensively or rather as the killing blow is extremely strong.

W - Crystallize
This ability lowkey has a lot of potential, you can use walls to kill people or even completely zone people off or control an area in a teamfight. Ironically, the wall can also completely backfire and cause you to lose a game if placed incorrectly. It is vital to have maximum precision with how you place the wall, because even a small crevice can change the whole fight.

E - Frostbite
This ability after the last mini-rework has become unbelievably stronger and also costs a lot less mana. This is your main damage tool now as your ult damage has been nerfed, and your q and ult basically play for your E. Don't underestimate the damage on your E, it really does such a ridiculous amount.

R - Glacial Storm
Although this ability got a damage nerf, it costs a lot less mana, as well as has a way more noticeable cooldown level 11 and 16.
Usually when you're level 11, your ult become a 2 second cooldown, and around this time is when you want to start fighting as much as possible, ultimately trying to win the game at that point. You can also perhaps try to win at a specific powerspike such as zhonyas or void staff, as those are generally the biggest spikes.
Your ult would be your main tool for E, as that is what it's purpose is now compared to before.
How to play Anivia
Well, where do I start

I think that a lot of people have the perception that anivia is a late game carry, needing to scale and survive the lane, but that identity has changed against a lot of champions since her kit has been changed. Her ult does less damage, but has way better cooldowns and manacosts, her E has better mana costs and does more damage, and her q does more damage on the 2nd hit. She is very good early game vs a lot of champions now, and is absolutely bonkers mid-game when you get everfrost and a couple of other items.

I can't go over every matchup as that would take forever, but please follow up with me and let me know what matchup you would like to know about if interested.

ideal scenario of a game:

A very good scenario of a game is to go against a champion that is melee and has to go in, preferably something like Katarina, killing them early game pre-6. This may sound crazy, but Anivia is actually one of the strongest champions against melees pre-6. The damage you have when your E is level 2 is bonkers. Before you do any of this, be sure to jungle track and find out how their jungler is pathing.

Usually after the first recall you should back around 1k gold and get a dark seal with boots and a mana crystal, waiting until level 6 to then again kill them. A lot of people underestimate Anivia and don't exactly know how to play against her, so its very easy to kill people below like masters or so. You should have just enough mana to be able to use ur ult to waveclear the next wave after killing them due to presence of mind mana regen.

After you make your ways to everfrost and even mejai, its time to go for zhonyas and your tier2boots/belt of giant strength and continue looking to fight constantly with your jungler and fight for objectives/dragons as you are very strong at this point of the game and can take on pretty much anyone.

Usually by 25 minutes or so, the game is over with baron and a few dragons up your sleeve. Here is a reference to show how op this method is to win games in diamond.

This is a smurf I decided to rank up recently and even went against some master tier players on it since the mmr was good, showing how good this build actually is if used appropriately.

Here's my Challenger screenshot I got recently:
I'm still going to continue to climb and show you guys how well I can do in the next couple of weeks :D
How to approach fights
Anivia has so many ways to engage a fight there would be way too much for all the matchups to put here, so please message me with whom you would like to know about

The Q E Anivia evolution
Before you learn to combo as anivia, it is important that you know about how to Q E Q as anivia. This can help you instantly get your e on cooldown and enable you to do another E as fast as possible. Your E will be enhanced the nanosecond your q touches your opponent, it doesn't even have to explode right away.
> >

In general vs melee matchups, you want to harass as much as possible when they go for minions. You do devastating damage with simply electrocute and a doran's ring level 1, 2, 3, and 5.
You, most likely, will get a kill before level 5 in all melee matchups pre-diamond if played correctly. People don't ever expect this nutty damage its hilarious.

Vs ranged matchups, you want to play safe until you get your ult. For example, Syndra. She can poke you out and you may want to wait until level 5 or even 6 before you go about touching her. You may need to teleport back to lane early if you can't manage your wave properly to be near your tower, so wait for your jungler if you wish to interact with champs similar to her.

When you finally reach everfrost, you can engage with this order:

> > > > >

This is the main combo and to be honest is just not broken I don't even know how this exists but use it while everfrost is strong!
The tornado method
Back before Anivia got her mini-rework, this is what I would always do:

I would try to consume all the gold on the rift as fast as possible before the baron mark, and try to reach even above 12cspm by taking my jungler's raptors, wolves, blue buff, and sometimes even crab if I am lucky enough. By baron, I would have 240cs or even higher if I was lucky, and just completely obliterate the enemy team since I would have Seraphs and stacked rod of ages.
The tornado method allows anivia to confirm the game is over in your favour by not winning early game whatsoever, hyper-focusing on giving stuff early in order to cs, in exchange for a type of freeze mage-esque playstyle, refrerenced from hearthstone.

You can still do this sort of playstyle with the liandry's phase-rush route, but I reccommend this mostly vs tanks only. A lot of the time, you'll still be able to fight instead against these kinds of champs earlygame due to how strong anivia is anyway however. Just know that you can always consume the entire rift instead of doing anything else on the map and instantly win at baron if you're fed enough

Here is an informational video of when I got 280cs at 24 minutes, talking about this tornado method and making sure I won games
Thank you for reading this far! (or skipping to the bottom)

We covered me as an Anivia main,
we covered her summoner spells,
We covered her itemization,
We covered her kit and how to play her,
We covered how to approach fights,
We spoke about the tornado method,
And here we are
Please let me know if you have any questions by messaging me, as I am always looking to entertain, as well as help.

Show me if you make any progress using this guide!
League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ_Y4SSIN
DJ_Y4SSIN Anivia Guide
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[11.4] Challenger Anivia guide DJ Y4ssin - Fundamentals for

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