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General Guide by ChimpNA

Middle grandmaster

[11.5] Chimp's SEASON 11 Guide to MID/TOP WUKONG!

By ChimpNA | Updated on March 4, 2021
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Hey everyone, my name is Chimp. I have been playing Wukong for 5 seasons now with over 6,000+ Games and Over 3m+ Mastery points. I've ended S9/S10 Masters in NA and Peaked around 260 LP Grand Masters, all from 1 tricking Wukong mid/top (mostly mid). If there is any questions you have that I missed out in the guide please feel free to comment and I will get back to your question asap.

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Full Damage 1-Shot Combo

Important notes: You can use your Goredrinker Active WHILE Ulting with Wukong. Be sure to always Q before doing your combo as it reduces enemies armor, making your combo significantly stronger. Also, you can cancel your Q animation as well by instantly using your Ultimate after the beginning animation of your Q to get your combo in quicker.

This first combo is the STRONGEST combo you can do, it is recommended that you do this if you are certain your full combo will 1 shot them. This is mainly used for laning phase whereas Teamfights wukong is played a little bit differently.

Team Fighting Combo

This second combo is generally how you will play it out in team fights, its valuable to hold onto your clone in team fights as you may need to use it for repositioning or gap closing.

Q Animation Cancel/Fake Cloning

Although this isn't really a combo its more of a rare technique you would use in laning phase. This animation cancel will help you in specific matchups where you have a champion that can avoid your Q damage such as Fiora Perry, Jax Counterstrike, Shen W, etc. To animation cancel your Q all you have to do is spam press your "S" key as you are about to strike. Hitting S will perform a "fake clone" and reset your characters stance. Wukong is the only champion that has this feature so use it to your advantage.
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Playing Top or Mid lane Wukong has both its Pros/Cons.

Mid Wukong Pros:
    1.Vastly easier matchups
    2.Squishier targets
    3.Wave Management matters less
    4.Being able to push & roam
    5.More skirmish opportunities
    6.Running ignite

Mid Wukong Cons:
    1.Setting up bad team drafts
    2.Prone to ALL AD compositions
    3.Very abusable in ganks
    4.Useless Passive due to AP matchups

Top Wukong Pros:
    1.If ahead can abuse wave management on opponent heavily
    2.Extended lane so if opponent missteps you can all-in
    3.Great CC gank setup for your Jungler
    4.More Map-Pressure from running teleport
    5.Useful Passive as most matchups are AD.

Top Wukong Cons:
    1.More difficult matchups
    2.Laning against Tanks
    3.If behind, very hard to recover
    4.Little to No roaming opportunities
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Lethality or Bruiser?

You can play as an assassin, but you can't build like one. I've tested this several times and as much as you think it might be good, its not. Here's the way I see it, If you build Bruiser Wukong you are going to still do insane damage at your spike, and simultaneously being pretty tanky. If you build Lethality Wukong, you are also going to do a lot of damage, but be extremely squishy and likely dying early on in a team fight or skirmish resulting in a 1 for 1 or 0 for 1 trade.

2 Items that will ALWAYS be in his build paths are Black Cleaver and Sterak's Gage.
Black Cleaver this season is much more stronger than the previous one, offering extra %HP AD added when the enemy is fully cleaved. Wukong is the FASTEST champion that can apply the shred from Black Cleaver so use this to your advantage for some juicy DPS.
Sterak's Gage is also a must have on Wukong as it provides you with heaps of AD and insane survivability in team fights as it gives you a massive shield so it's hard for you to get bursted down.


The only two options you have for your Mythic items are Goredrinker and Divine Sunderer. Now a lot of people have told me about Trinity Force and I will tell you why it's bad.


Trinity Force was Wukong's main item in Season 10. Although it was his best item it wasn't the absolute IDEAL item for Wukong. Now with new items being introduced in Season 11, Trinity Force is completely out of the picture. Let me tell you why Trinity Force is awful. Trinity Force gives you a lot of useless stats for Wukong, you're going to be spending heaps of gold for an item that gives you.. a whopping 10 haste(which is crucial for wukong, his abilities are his bread and butter), +25 MS from dealing damage(Wukong is already mobile with 2 gap closers + added MS from his R), +35% Atk Speed (Although this stat is OK, Wukong is an ALL IN champion, ATK Speed is irrelevant when you're full comboing), and only +200 HP.. so you're not very tanky. Have I convinced you yet? Oh and lets mention the fact that its mythic passive gives you 10% bonus attack speed per item. Just completely useless.


Let me give you a run down on why this is THE most ideal item for Wukong. EVERYTHING about this item is extremely efficient on Wukong. It gives a decent amount of AD, a good amount of Haste, and a good amount of HP. On top of that, its mythic passive grants you +5 Haste per item built afterwards. And of course the most important thing about this item is its Active ability. Tiamat got absolutely gutted this season and Wukong's waveclear is pretty bad, so this active kind of replaces old tiamat in terms of waveclear. But forget the wave clear aspect, its main power is the INSANE healing it provides. This item can easily put you from a really bad position, to a really good position in fights. So when you use your active, it has a 400-unit radius (similiar to old tiamat/hydra) and heals for 20% AD and 12% missing HP per champion hit. So lets say you are really low on hp and hit a 4 man cleave active (you heal for 80% AD and 48% missing HP), you are now back to full hp, and off that you should be able to turn a team fight around as they used all their resources trying to kill you. As stated previously you are also able to use this WHILE you are ulting as well so it just gives it all the reason to build it for better comboing.


The SECOND best option on Wukong would be Divine Sunderer. Honestly I don't really enjoy building this item that often, it's just a more useful trinity force, but the only time you really would want to build this is if the enemy team has a lot of tanks/bruisers.. I would say if more than 3 it is probably safer to build it, just due to the fact that it deals 10% of their Max HP and the mythic passive grants 5% armor penetration per item built afterwards so its only logical to go this item as it would provide more than Goredrinker would. Oh and also it's really good for sieging. The 250% Base AD it provides on a 1.5s Cool Down means your Q's will absolutely destroy towers and poking enemies with your Q does a lot of damage. Just be sure to always be efficient when proccing Sheen as Wukong’s Q is spammable ability.


The rest of the items are situational, check the item builds at the top of the page to see what is best!
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Wukong is one of the best champions to snowball with, so if you have a lead at anytime you NEED to impact the rest of the map. Wukong's early game is decent, but when you hit your 2 & 3 item spike early that is your biggest strength. He falls off heavily later on in the game so you just become only useful for CC/Armor Reduction rather than Damage. So early/mid game you need to FORCE fights/objectives.


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