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Pantheon Build Guide by Drumastermunch

Top [11.6] Steroid Pantheon s11 Top / Jungle

Top [11.6] Steroid Pantheon s11 Top / Jungle

Updated on March 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drumastermunch Build Guide By Drumastermunch 2,530 Views 0 Comments
2,530 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Drumastermunch Pantheon Build Guide By Drumastermunch Updated on March 17, 2021
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Runes: VS Melee

1 2
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.6] Steroid Pantheon s11 Top / Jungle

By Drumastermunch
What is Steroïd Panth
Hey guys, new build idea, really liking it so far, I'd really like some feedback on this if you already tried it. If you don't, give it a shot !

The build is basically trading + for + , as your firsts 2 items.

You loose a little in TF, but you become insanely good at threatening the map, and particularly sidelanes.
Everything revolves around the passive, that give you an insane powerspike at lvl 1, and scale very well into late game.
The AS let you have constant DPS, stacking very fastly conqueror on champ and stacking your passive on minions wave, for massive waveclear and great dmg on turrets and inhibs.
Gives you all the stats you need as a 2nd item, the same %pen mythic buff that eclipse does, the %health dmg for a good scaling, and good bursts of healing on the sheen proc.
Why Steroïd Panth ?

+ Insane 1 item powerspike
+ 1v1 beast
+ The DPS surprise every unaware toplaner
+ A lot more matchup are in your favor, even in late game
+ Hard pusher
+ Hard punish ennemy death in lane or bad recalls (fast push + plates)
+ Real threat in sidelanes...
+ ... and on every lone champ on the map
+ Fast jungle camp steal
+ Really strong on neutral objectives (can easily sustain Nash dmg mid game)
+ You are either dead or full HP


- Lack the shield from , don't underestimate the loss
- a bit weaker in TF than the standard Eclipse build espacially if they have lot of CC(no shield, less flat armor pen)

General Game plan
  1. Early game is the same as the Eclipse build : don't die, take the EZ kill if you can, focus on your gold income to rush your
  2. Once you have your , the lane is yours in 90% matchups if you didn't fed the ennemy. Only threats will be Nasus ult, Renek Ult and other OP things like that. Care for ganks, and for .
    At this point, your goal is to take the most gold you can from turret plates.
  3. When the ennemy tower is down, push safely and take all you can take from the ennemy jungle (you are very fast to steal camps), gank, take herald, all you can, but keep an eye on your wave and always catch it before it crash on your turret.
    TF is not where you shine right now, you should avoid it if you can. If you are really ahead though, go spread your lead onto other lanes.
  4. Late game, apply the standards of split pushing. You are a bit weaker in TF than the Eclipse build, but you have tons of options to still be good in TF (see below)
Focus on: duel
I won't details an in-depth guide on Pantheon, but here are some things to keep in mind.

With , you have an insane constant DPS, you will out DPS AND outsustain most of your matchups just by AA, stacking your passive and unleash your OP empowered Q spell that you get every ~3s.

So, there is overall 4 types of champ you will be facing top : ranged, abilities based melee, AA based melee, and tanks.


Apply your fundamentals here : your goal is to get to lvl 3 with the most HP possible, even if you have to miss minions. At lvl 3, wait for your wave to bounce back, and all in.
If you don't feel confident about it ... well, you need to train this ! but you can also just wait for your jgler, or wait for your . Once you have it, you don't even need to be smart about your mooves, just go in.
Don't forget your and your

Melee: AA based

Tough matchups ! Champs like can be the most difficult to handle : they often out DPS you, and outsustain you. You have to be smarter here, you still have a great kit that allows you to burst an ennemy, and to back off safely. Use that ! Short trades is the key here....
...but mana is gonna be the issue, I often go for in these matchups. Don't let them take the lead, the DO NOT DIE rule is far more important here, cause it will be really hard to come back from it.

Melee : Ability based

These HAVE to be your favorites with Pantheon. There are a lot of these champs that you can easily kill just by taking lane prio and lvl2 first. But there are some tough one, that have just more base dmg and more sustain that you (typically . For these ones, just wait your first item steroid !)
As said before, you have an insane sustained DPS with your 1st item, just with AA and empowered Q. So the goal here, is to use the rest of your kit to negate most of their dmg ! Once their big CD are gone, you juste can blindly run them down : you will either kill them, or push them out of lane, in both case the punition is hard : fast push + turret plates.

Quick example with the forever top lane threat . His main goal is to land his . You litteraly have 2 spells that can prevent that from happenning : W at the right time to be out of the sweet spot, or E.
Your E can also block his ult. If you have your , just run blindly on darius, using only your Q and AA, and as soon as he try to Q you, W on him, and continue to run him down, he should be dead before he can even cast his R. And if he does, just E it.

Melee: Tanks

Erk. They are the worst. and and it can be over for you. Same rule here : DON'T DIE before 1st item, or you won't come back.
You still have an opened window early lvl, try to get lane prio, hit lvl 2 and trade them out of lane, you can even get a kill like that. But otherwise, just wait for your steroid, rush it, like really rush it : keep your TP, and as soon as you have the gold, recall, tp back in lane, and try to get the kill or force them out of lane, punishing them by hard pushing and steal plates. If you get a lead, you'll be fine. Your 2nd item will be a life savior here.
Focus on : Team Fighting

Eclipse build is better at TF

As said earlier, the lack of the shield is a major loss when it comes to TF. I recommand as your 3rd item if you wanna keep this build pressure on the map and being able to TF as well. But if you really want your game plan based on TF, just go with the standard Eclipse build.

TF with this build

I think the "new" Pantheon is really good ad TF : with the standard Eclipse build and a lead, you can be unkillable with all the shields and relife from runes and items you can get, while being able to deal tons of damage. Your TF can often be juste a massive ult in the right spot at te right time, followed by 1 or 2 executions, then back off, get back your CD and go in again.
With this build... you will be more easy to shutdown in TF, so your plan will change a bit.

Your main asset in TF : DMG to stay alive

This build has ton of healing. I particulary like the burst of healing you get from the . But what I like the most, is the amount of health you can get back from an execution.

In the ideal situation where you can rush a squishy target, combo him and take him down, you will :
  • Physical vamp from on all your combo
  • Omnivamp from
  • Burst of healing through sheen proc
  • Burst of healing on execution
  • Cleanse all DOT from your

So the main key here is TEMPO. You just can't go VS 5 people by ulting in if they have CC. But you still can shutdown targets, and manage to stay alive. You have to be patient, to go in for the moove, safely go out most of the time full life if you secured the kill, and go back in when you can.

Your real goal

Be the assassin ! You can litteraly 1V1 90% of the champs that have no really good escapes like . Even an can't escape you, remember you have MS buff on your empowered E !
You can also really fast kill offtanks toplaners and beaffy supports.
You have to perform outside of TF, by catching people alone on the map, or through bad rotations to an upcoming objective.


I've found to be really effective in this build, if they are a lot of cc. It's your only threat ! If you can deal your dmg, you don't die ! And you have your ult as a global to mitigate the lack of . In TF, cleanse at the right time, rush a carry, kill him, proc all your healing and continue the fight full life.

is also a great solution to Nasus. You hard win vs Nasus if he doesn't have ult. So, rush him if you have cleanse, if he ult, cleanse his slow (flash will never help you here), disengage, wait for his ult to end => the lane is yours.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Drumastermunch
Drumastermunch Pantheon Guide
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[11.6] Steroid Pantheon s11 Top / Jungle

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